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A huge debate has been raging after the tweets of Sonu Nigam on why he is not in favour of Azaan blaring out of the loudspeakers each morning as it affects his sleep. He is being relentlessly trolled by religious zealots who think they are the caretakers of a religion that is followed by a massive volume of people with intolerant liberals joining the party in calling Sonu all sorts of names. His tweets have been retweeted a record number of times with hardliner right wing patrons rejoicing in the debate triggered by Sonu. Obviously they don’t see anything wrong in killing people in the name of Cow as long as they can further their one sided agenda. But that calls for an altogether different debate.

I have known Sonu Nigam for a long time and I can say it with a lot of confidence that he is not a bigot. He worships Mohammad Rafi. He has had some of his biggest hits with Dharma Productions but he didn’t think twice when he blasted the makers of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil in an interview with me for making derogatory fun of Rafi Sahab in their film. Sonu speaks his mind. His tweets on Radhe Maa and Maa Kali also landed him into trouble where the Hindutva brigade bayed for his blood. He fearlessly made his stand clear during the row with the music companies on the copyright issue. So all those people saying, he is an out of work singer, you don’t even know how many songs Sonu has sacrificed to stick to the conviction of his beliefs.  He is one of the most sought after and highly paid stage performers and even if he doesn’t sing a single film song for the rest of his life he can continue living like a king. By the way you’ll hear his song in Sachin’s biopic shortly.

Sonu Nigam opposed the nasty war mongering post the cowardly Uri attack. I saw his Facebook posts and how he defended Peace and argued with blood thirsty social media soldiers. He did a concert tour with Atif Aslam in USA promoting togetherness of mutual culture while the zealots on both sides behaved intolerably and it seemed that the nuke button could have been pressed by the ‘star’ news anchors at any given point of time.

I have spoken to Sonu in detail about his quest for spirituality. He has read extensively about all religions, he thinks a lot and if he has a point of view he expresses it. The defenders of freedom of speech must let him have his say. If you wish to counter his view point then do it in a civil manner instead of name calling (Gawayya sounds so uncool). One question that pops up in my head is that why are so many people waiting to get offended by anything and everything? An opinion is neither true nor false unless you let it affect you. Bekaar mubaash kuch kiya kar, kapde hi udhed kar siya kar (Hey you idle mind, do something. If you can’t find anything then un-sew a cloth and stitch it back. Don’t sit idle). Think about it.

- See more at: http://www.bollywoodhungama.com/news/features/sonu-nigam-every-right-express-freedom-expression/#sthash.TdarPk0b.dpuf

in Music by Assistant Director (52.3k points)
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And then they say India is intolerant..........It don't happen in West......


@baazigar ..
Abe Private message mein kya bhounkta hai .
agar himmat (guts) hai to yahan par likh..
kyunki main teri choti soch aur aukaat jaanta hoon ... p


Are Hindu khatam ho gaye pakistan mein aur ghat rahe hain bangladesh mein.Aur Tum desh ke population ki maar rahe ho.Tumhe appeasment ki aadat hai and u are regressive people.


Dude first try to be a human first then follow any religion of your wish ...
there is a difference between bad person & good person but there is no such thing called a bad religion ..
There are no 100% correct/right Hindus as well as Muslims in the same way there are no 100% wrong Hindus/Muslims ..
jis din tere dimaag mein yeh baat samaj ayegi us din tera kalyan zaroor hoga wads ....

8 Answers

+6 votes

He has every right to express his voice for any inconveniences caused by the society but what's shocking and ugly is how he presented it . He used words like cacophony for a religious ritual like azaan and also used the word gundagardi ..That's wrong .

by Director (123k points)
+5 votes

If you want attention, then just target celebrity and religion. You will get enough attention. Sonu perfectly did it and this is so called freedom of speech
Dear Sonu Nigam,
This is the answer from a Muslim. You guyz make noise during concert in the name of entertainment, that doesn't bother you. But if you hear the sound of Azan which is the most important call for millions of Muslim in India you feel disturbed because you are sleeping. You say you don't follow religion and then you sing Gods praises in your song in the name of entertainment. How hypocrite you are?
May be you are a good singer. Let's start learning how respect other religion. Grow up Sonu the crying child.

by Producer (112k points)
edited by

abe tumhara to roz ka kaam hai..........6 baje ke baad karo na tum log koi rule follow nahin karte aur tum log mosque me prayer kya karte ho woh bolunga to theek nahin lagega.Aur koi saal mein ek baar Mata ki Chowki karvata hai to koi problem nahin hai 1 din ke liye bardaasht kar lenge.6 baje ke baad koi problem nahin hai.


Toh bolna tu kya jaanta hai bey ...


koi maulvi bolta hai tab tumhe yaad aata hai ke time ho gaya hai...........he he he.Jab loudspeaker nahin tha tab kya hota tha...............


Dude i don't need any msg on loudspeaker ....
but the way this moron sonu nigam has tweeted & abused Azaan is not tollerable ...
Soon this guy will face the wrath of Almighty ....

+4 votes

he is expressing disturbance caused by azaan

they are supporting him for freedom of speech....

what happens sir ..... when anyone of some other religion comes forward expressing their displeasure about your religion or disturbance caused by your religion .... there'll be freedom of speech there as well..... how would you feel about that then....

  "do unto other as you would have them do unto you"
by Star (152k points)
+3 votes

Yes why shouldn't we agree with Sonu nigam when he made his appeal so politely & humbly without hurting the sentiments of anybody & so how responsibly he took care of his celebrity status ....
C'mon Sir he is openly blaming & targetting a particular religion (Islam) by telling that these kind of noises won't come from Temple, Gurudwara & Church's ...
How Sonu is soo sure about his claims ..
I live in Muslim populated area with 500 homes but in the street where my house is locating has Hanuman Temple after 4 houses from my home in that temple, every morning from 6.am to 8.am & ib evening from 6:30.pmto 8.pm daily on loudspeaker many devotional songs with full volumes gets played ..
So in morning 2 hrs & evening 1.5 hrs total of 3.5 hrs (in 24 hrs) the songs get played with high volume on louds in comparison to Azaan which is given for just 3 minutes or say max 5 minutes in 5 times individually which is hardly 25 minutes of say 30 minutes (in 24 hrs) ..
so mr sonu nigam get your facts corrected first b4 you point fingers at others religion..
It shows how responsible citizen he is when he is using his celebrity status to disturb the communal harmony with his sensitive tweets..

Mr Sonu nigam you said its 'Gundagardi hai bus'
let me tell you what is actual 'Gundagardi' is when you beat & kill innocent people in the name of saving an animal (Cow) .. wow how great you so called Gau-Rakshaks who are ready to kill a human being in return of killing an animal wah re kya humanity hai ..

You said Thank God you are not a Muslim...
So just tell me did you ask God to give you birth in a Hindu family ....
Lastly you might be an amazing singer & artist but sadly you have such a narrow thinking ..
I whole heartedly Condemn your cheap & small act disrespecting a religious ritual ..
I didn't find any difference between you & a local goon who is using his celebrity status in order to degrade a particular religion & community ......

by Editor (83.3k points)
edited by

"Thank God you are not a Muslim..."
Where did he say this? I'm not aware.


@Ankit007 Sonu in one his tweet said ..

Sonu Nigam (@sonunigam)
April 18, 2017
“God bless everyone. I’m not a Muslim and I have to be woken up by the Azaan in the morning. When will this forced religiousness end in India. And by the way Mohammed did not have electricity when he made Islam..Why do I have to have this cacophonyafter Edison? I don’t believe in any temple or gurudwara using electricity To wake up people who don’t follow the religion . Why then..? Honest? True? Gundagardi hai bus…”

Sorry the actual words are "God bless everyone"
I am not a muslim ..
but the way he condemned Azaan particularly by excluding other religions with his so called claim that they won't make much noise pollution is clearly not a good thing ...


Yeh to paanch baje hi shuru ho jaate hain when Supreme Cour has issued the limit of 10 to 6 in morning.Read it
One of the attributes of 'azaan' is that it summons the faithful to peace and tranquility. Ironically, 'azaan' through loudspeakers has become a cause of concern and is being objected to from some quarters. So much so that Navi Mumbai resident Santosh Pachalag petitioned the Bombay High Court against "illegal use of loudspeakers" by mosques in his area. An RTI plea had found that 45 of 49 mosques in the area didn't have permission to use loudspeakers. Acting on the petition, the Bombay High Court directed the police last week to remove "illegal" loudspeakers from mosques. Many in the community have welcomed the verdict. They say in many mosques the use of loudspeakers defeats the purpose for which the muezzins call out to the faithful five times a day.
For long many mosques, in violation of the Noise Pollution (Control and Regulation) Rules, 2000 have used loudspeakers much above the permissible decibel levels (50dB during day and 40 dB at night for silence zone and 55 dB during day and 45dB at night for residential area). Now many community leaders and activists demand that mosques should reduce the noise level or face the music. "Azaan is mandatory to namaz, not the use of loudspeakers. Azaan should be sonorous and easy on the ears. If loudspeakers are inconveniencing fellow citizens, I would say the mosques should remove them before the police take action," says senior community leader Dr M A Patankar who, like many others, feel disturbed by the noise from illegal loudspeakers atop some mosques.
Top Comment

This azan on loudspeaker should be banned.. it disturbs the residents unnecessarily..
If muslims follow sharia rule and the preachings of Muhammad then they should know Muhammad never used ... Read More

Activist Saeed Khan has closely observed the increasing levels of noise from loudspeakers atop mosque minarets. He says the Saboo Siddique Hospital in Dongri is a classic example. Situated between Masjid-e-Iranian or Mughal Mosque (a Shia place of worship) and a Sunni Masjid, Saboo Siddique Hospital and a nearby municipal school (both fall in the silence zone) have to endure the long, high-decibel azaans every day. "Normally an azaan should last two to three minutes, but here the muezzins at both the mosques give azaans which last longer. It is competitive religiosity and both groups try to outdo one another in proving their respective superiority," says Khan. Ali Namazi, honorary secretary of Mughal Mosque's Trust, denies that his mosque is in any competition but admits that during the recently-concluded Ramzan festivities the loudspeaker volumes were "really high". "I ensured that the volume is reduced as it was inconveniencing many residents. We don't allow anything which creates problem for the citizens," claims Namazi.
Khan complains that at many Sunni mosques the practice of reciting "salam" (devotional verses in praise of the Prophet) after the fajr (morning) prayer causes "pain" to many people. "I have no problem if the salam is recited by those who are praying inside the mosque. Why should it be amplified to disturb those who are sleeping in the morning?" asks Khan. "If Muslims have the right to give azaan, non-Muslims have the right to sleep peacefully."
The verdict has awakened many community members from their "sleep." In New Mumbai, under the banner of Muslim Ekta Forum, community members have decided to approach the court against the rule that says that loudspeakers should not be used between 10pm and 6am. "Our morning namaz is held around 5am. We are planning to challenge this rule and want exemption for it. We have told the mosques' managements to follow the rules," says the Forum's president, Ali M Shamsi.


"they should know Muhammad never use"..... WTH u mean by this sentence??? Tab electricity, loudspeaker wagerah tha kya??? Tere iss ghatiya logic ke hisab se toh har Mandir, Masjid, Church mein electricity collection lena hi paap hai... Cz Krishna/Shivji, Jesus Chris, Muhammed ke dino me electricity nhi tha....Isn’t it???

Isliye kuch bhi copy paste karne se pehle padh liya karon... Bcz ye zaruri nhi ki jisse copy kar rahe ho wo tumse jyada jaankar ho!

+2 votes

I haven't found anything wrong in Sonu's tweets. If someone get disturbed by Aarti/Jagrata/Azaan/Church' Bell he has every right to speak about it.

But, unfortunately some people find that Sonu's tweets are helping them to make India a great Hindu Rashtra...... And some people find it Khatre ki ghanti for Islam in India. That’s why the debate is becoming uglier with every passing moment..

by Unit Manager (37.4k points)

Yogi ke aane se unki dhoti peeli ho gayi hai.................


Yogi is such a disgusting person so he is your Hero & so called a great Hindu who don't happens to be a human being at first ..
just pity on your narrow thinking ....


Tere jaise radicals bas koi yogi ya owasi ki hi chatta rehega... Firse kehta hoon voter ban voter bhakt mat ban @handa.

+2 votes

There Is nothing wrong with disagreement. But we need to remain civil when we do so. With civility and open mind, we will be able to avoid any social problem.None of us are perfect, but we are all made to complement each other.

by Assistant Director (60k points)
+1 vote

Its time someone said that... with all due respect we dont need azaan/aarti/bhajan/songs/church bells on loudpseakers...

Use a radio... or something else to broadcast it... dont diturb people....

by Unit Manager (32.5k points)
edited by

Buddy, why so selective??? Why only Azaan??? IMO... Azaan, Aarti, Jagrata, Church bell etc everything should be banned....!


If it happens on a daily basis then ban it all... festivities is one thing but it should be a one time deal... im even against diwali... poore diwali me mumbai ki sadko pe thik se dikhayi nahi de raha tha...

Sabko apna apna festival, apni religious and ways follow karni hai but we should make sure it does not affect other ppl

And sorry bro... Azaan ke sath sab bhi aata hai.. i will edit it


Devotees of any religion do not need reminders from loudspeakers.

–1 vote

Why does Mosques play on loudspeakers in India? How does they have the permission to do so while there is noise pollution laws?
Although it is illegal by law, these mosques totally disregard the law and keep following it.

Their comparison of the noise pollution and disturbance to other non-muslim festivals but they forget that India is predominently not an Islamic country and hence this kind of ‘Azaan’ can never be legal.

by All Time best! (284k points)

Between 10pm-6am, loudspeakers are not allowed in India. So you can complain if you have the balls in this secular country. If you go to the mosque to request them to stop, there are possibilities that you never return.

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