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"Veteran trade analyst @Charlie Jatinder says this."

Keep aside biggies like ETT, Dhoom3, PRDP Sultan etc..... Let's compare Ra One's opening day with Dabang's opening day........

Screen count :
Dabang - 1850
Ra One - 2900

Avg ticket price :
Dabang - only 77 rs
Ra One - 95 rs

Collections :
Dabang - 14.55cr
Ra One - 14.73cr

Avg collections per screen :
Dabang - 78648 rs
Ra One - 50793 rs

Dabang's average collections per screen was 55% more than Ra One's average collections per screen although its avg ticket was 25% less compared to Ra One's avg ticket price.

Note: Dabang got affected by pre Eid and Ra 1 was affected by pre deewali factor.
in General by Unit Manager (37.7k points)
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Haha hahaha hahaha I often say it for nothing charlie bhai Saab is a so called analyst for box office he might know about box office but dznt know to the core best thing about him is he tells Oversease numbers pretty right except srk movies so he must stick to report only Oversease reporting adjustments comparisons are not his forte at all

by Production Accountant (25.1k points)
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Dabangg had some holiday back then reported by BOI. Anyways JFYI ADHM + Shivaay were ₹14.5cr on Diwali day compared to ₹37cr onn day next to diwali. I think you get what I mean.
Ever visit BOI archives for 26th October 2011 you will know what was Opening of RAONE.

by Super-star (172k points)

ADHM did 8cr & Shivaay did 6.5cr.
On day after diwali it was 19-20 & 17 approx. No?

Still even if it is 33cr See the potential lost on diwali day. Pre eid is just kiddish infront of pre diwali


Who told you that pre Eid is kiddish??? Kick collected 24.5cr on opening day. But its real value was 30.5cr...

BTW, according to you HNY's opening is better than ETT's opening day considering all the factors. But acc BOI Kick's opening is much better than HNY's opening considering all the factors. What will you say now???


I am not that fool to buy this crap. 87% population of India is non muslim. Above that circuits with most contribution to Box Office has this ratio even higher. What stop them from watching film.


FYI, this is BOI's opinion not mine.. #case closed.

As far as Muslim audience is concerned.... Yes they ars only 14%. But we shouldn't forget that they mostly live in cities and also 90% of mother tongue is Urdu/Hindi. Therefore, inspite of very less in numbers (only 14%) they contribute around 25-30% to Bollywood films business.

+2 votes

Ra.One wasn't affected by pre diwali, it was released on Diwali Day, and affect of diwali day >>>>>>>>>>>>>> pre eid day, there's not even a comparison..!!

by Mega Star (212k points)

Fully agreed..... Still it is nowhere close to Dabang's 1st day. Dabang's average collections per screen was 55% more than Ra One's average collections per screen although Dabang's avg ticket was 25% less compared to Ra One's avg ticket price.


I was saying Raone being the biggest opening is nonsense.


Oops! sorry then.....

+1 vote

Are bhai bachche ki baato pe kya dhyan dete ho...

Usko kahan samjhta hai woh kya bol raha hai

by Unit Manager (33.5k points)
+1 vote

what a joke but we all should ignore this nonsense.

by Camera Operator (8.5k points)
0 does it bcm a nonsense? All figures are as per BOI... Still if you've found any wrong information then plz correct me...

+1 vote

With all trolling It did record breaking 2nd day.........................

by All Time best! (284k points)

Nobody denied that bazigarh bhaiya ..

+1 vote

Cant say best when we also have ETT. I would say 2nd best or Top. Have a look at its Boxofficeindia report. 100% everywhere till 12pm even early morning shows were 100% in North.

As far as Morning occupancy goes then it was higher than Bodyguard. Despite RaOne having mixed reports it did huge on Day 2 (22.90 cr) when actually it cud have done 25-26 cr if First day was Holiday.

by Producer (108k points)

Not denied that Ra One is one of the best openers of the decade if we consider all the factors. But can't accept it the best operners of the decade when we have movies like Dabang, ETT, Dhoom3 etc...

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