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Users Rhaegar, Deepak, Rancho, Raghib were banned for insulting & abusing SRK, Aamir, Salman and each other... Link -http://forums.itsboxoffice.com/563195/deepika-padukone-weibo-account-following-created-during-china they are unblocked now...............   Warning to all users - fight, argue, discuss, but cross your limits and be ready to face ban..!! Thank You - TEAM IT'S BOX OFFICE FORUMS
asked in Announcements by Super-star (176k points)
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6 Answers

+1 vote

Look who is talking lol!. You should also be banned but thanks to the authority u have.

answered by Executive Producer (66.7k points)
+1 vote

How entertaining !!!!!
How good is that, you should get Nobel prize for this !!!!

Wow Nobel peace laurette Thunderbird....

answered by Assistant Director (41k points)
0 votes

Why the hell warning for me ...?

answered by Set Designer (2.4k points)

Shit, you didn't said anything, ok, but still, don't even talk about that surrogacy stuff in bad manner..!!

Oh then everyday other fan base will call Salman criminal virgin blah blah

If they cross their limits, they'll be banned, that's it..!!

0 votes

Okay.... Will follow it for sure..... Btw, I didn't abuse anybody... Just made that post for you guys (admins and mods) attention.

answered by Production Designer (12.8k points)

Aamir has also admitted that India is a intolerant country. So, if others call him a deshdrohi... Aamir fans shouldn't have any problem.

Where & When? Perhaps You Must Have Such Thing In Jodhpur Times Only.

Thunderbird please unban Deepak,rancho and others now.

0 votes

Would they be able to post after few days or not?

answered by Location Scout (4.4k points)


0 votes

I am waiting for Rancho

answered ago by Camera Operator (9.6k points)

thanks for support bro

What about deepak?. Is he back?

i dont know bro

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