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Q. Your views on Aamir’s consistency on major box office records. Aamir is the only actor to give an ATBB, 2 HGOTY and have a movie in top 3 highest grosser biggest hit and most watched film of the decade for 3 consecutive decades (1990-2010).

A. Aamir Khan is not just a name now, he’s a brand. Like the ‘ISI Mark’ is the most recognised and trusted certification, Aamir name assures quality, so even if it’s a small film like Secret Superstar – Aamir producing or acting in a film not only adds tremendous credibility, but it also generates widespread interest. There are many people in the country who only watch Aamir Khan films in theatres. Box office aside, this trust in the audience is probably the most difficult thing to achieve in the industry.
Source Link: Ask indicine- 16th april 2017
asked in General by Production Designer (15.9k points)
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Bro please don't share this biased site article here they are jealous of Aamir sir success...
These articles are just to gain some sympathy from Aamir fanbase as after their nonsense at the time of Dangal or recent Aamir sir movies most of Aamirians boycott that site...

answered by Director (123k points)
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Yes bro i knw abt this 2 rs baised paid site they dont put an article for 100 days of dangal but when other movie of their fav star even does 50 days they start dancing

Aamir forces them to praise him.

I still remember how in 2005 interview with ndtv Aamir said these Box office Analysis must to thrown to garbage

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I agree with their statement that there are some people who only watch an Aamir Khan film in a theatre

answered by Producer (112k points)
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Surprising To See This Being Human Funded Site Praising Aamir. Is It Because They Have Realized That Aamir Fans Are Not Interested In Them Anymore?

answered by Production Accountant (25.2k points)


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