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Also fan got released in  mainland china and did a whooping business of 0.21M US$(not in taiwan but in mainland china).taiwan mein hi dangal min 3M US$ karegi.
asked in General by Camera Operator (8.3k points)
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Haa to him to sirf apne Star KO defend kar rahe they...
But seriously kya din AA gaye hai fattu srkians apni identity chhupa kar attack kar rahe hai...

Tu toh old user hai janta hai usko.... Firbhi trap ho gaya?

Aamir is god of bollywood end of discussion

Yes Aamir is god (devta) of Bollywood and Salman is the God (Bhagwan) of Bollywood.... Case closed!

5 Answers

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Movie collection in China
PK (2014) did $19.38 million
FAN (2016) did...........................................................
$0.21 million

answered by Assistant Director (41.3k points)
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The number difference between fan following of both is also the same like Aamir highest grosser Vs Srk highest Grosser in China....

answered by Director (123k points)

Deepak difference is even bigger.Aamir currently has 2.1 Lacs followers within 32 hours.

+2 votes

Why bring the harmless swan-like , cleavage bearing creature in this battle . Leave Deepika alone .

answered by Producer (112k points)

cleavage ka naam mat lo bhai disha ki yaad aa jaati hai

+2 votes

No Wonder HNY Was A Huge Flop There.

answered by Production Accountant (25.2k points)

Rajat huge flop,it was an all time disaster there.

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Xxx ne china me Pk se 6 guna zyada kama liya. Aur ab bhi followers count kar rahe ho tum log.

answered by Set Decorator (1.6k points)

Teri akal to lag raha hai ghutne se bhi neeche hai.XXX deepika film hai.

Hahaha poor srkians desperately want Srk to do a 5 minute cameo roles in a Hollywood films so that they all can bark for Srk achievement to give 1st 1000 CR films.

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