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Also It is being screened at BIFF and is houseful.

Source Link: https://twitter.com/Sahir_Dhoom/status/853520067631427584
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JFYI Darr was HIT in Overseas too.

Darr was not abt SRK alone,there was sunny-juhi,overseas locations and Yash chopra as director.Total overseas gross of darr was 500K US$.


Yes it is 3 idiots which sold Aamir to Chinese audience but it is always the case with all actors like masala movies like Wanted , Dabangg sold Salman to Indian audience or you can say revive salman career (Bajrangi bhaijaan did the same trick in overseas for Salman) , same case applied for Srk , as Dharma / YRF overseas friendly type movies sold Srk to overseas audience.

You always need 1 or 2 movie to penetrate any market.

That's what I've mentioned in my comment. It's the same for any foreign star. Well for China our stars will be foreign ones know.

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Now only thing which remain to see whether the makers are releasing Dangal with dubbing or with subtitles as with dubbing it can even surpass PK....
This is what we called real stardom , when other actors are trying to get entry in 30 m$ clubs Aamir sir is eying his 2nd 50 m$ movie in Overseas....

No 1 worldwide star from bollywood for a reason...

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It was a subtitles release in Taiwan as well but still it wld do min 3M$ there.I m sure it wld hurt big time if it's not dubbed.I think with subtitles release,even 10M$ cld be tough but still hoping for the best.

Deepak there is a news from weibo that chinese release may be a dubbed version.Just hope so.


Hope so as this is golden chance for Aamir sir to start a new 1000 CR club...

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charlie be like its bcz of nitesh tiwari

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Aamir created Mass hysteria


Even bhaicine admitting Aamir's supremacy in china.

Probably the only recognisable face.

Bro this 2rs site sucks to the core dil pe bara sa pathar rakh ke tweet karte hain aise sites aamir ki tareef mei inse dangal 100 days wala post nahi bana par dusron ki film 50 din bhi chal jaaye toh naachne lag jaate hain

But Aamir inko force kar hi deta hai tareef karne ko

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What If Those 21Million People Churn Up To Watch The Movie. Wouldn't It Be Superawesome.

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Rajat in that case almost 100M US$ would be done.

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