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from the makers of bajrangi bhaijaan

magnitude will be felt
asked in General by Director (137k points)
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6 Answers

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Tell me why? Its so far away.

answered by Unit Manager (30.4k points)
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The wait is killing me..... Kaash ye 2 weeks 2 hours me convert ho jatein!

answered by Production Accountant (29.2k points)
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+1 vote

oh god....2 weeks....

intzar nhi hota ab.....coming soon

answered by Unit Manager (38.2k points)
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Dear kashap with due respect Same bb crossed footfalls of Pk even with 20cr less biz same sultan crossed footfalls of 3i and dhoom3 same dabangg crossed footfalls of ghajini and Insha Allah same tubelight will do the same with dangal what more you want don't underestimate achievements of others Better u accept this bitter truth else die but you cant change the facts dabangg >ghajini, sultan>3i,dhoom3, bb>pk in footfalls Insha Allah Tubelight will repeat the winning streak over dangal with respect to footfalls abb umeed hai sukoon mil gya hoga izzat hazamm nai hoti na tum se

answered by Casting Director (17.4k points)

ghajini(2008) was crossed by salman's dabangg in 2010 by that time Aamir had 3 idiots
3 idiots(2009) was crossed by kick(2014) by that time Aamir had Dhoom 3
Bajaranji(2015) crossed Dhoom 3 (2013) by that time Aamir had Pk

Now lets' see if Salman can cross Pk or not with tubelight.

Whenever Salman crosses Aamir's record, Aamir would have set new records.

+1 vote

Now it is most disaster film of all time...
Distributors (Worldwide) suffered a loss of over 100 cr , which is also unheard before...

answered by Director (123k points)

ye salman khan hai.... 15cr ki below average nahe daita ghareeb logo.....!!

15 cr is too much sometime even 1 cr is out of reach for Salman..

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Same Bajarangi which failed to cross Pk and u are talking like it's the biggest hit lol!......
Bajarangi also proved to be a fluke since his next 2 films couldn't cross it...

answered by Second Unit Director (70.9k points)

Bachcha Bachcha knows Aamir did sidekick to Sharman and Madhawan in 3 idiots... He was just a 2rs villain in Dhoom3 (Abhishek & Uday were the Heroes), So on to Sushant Singh Rajput in PK. He plays just pakao buddha character in dangal, ZERO contribution to its success. While, HAHK was all about Salman Khan... #Mind it.

And listen carefully, bakwas karna sirf tumhe hi nhi hume bhi aata hai.... So, be careful.

Bacha bacha knows that Salman was the sidekick in films like partner, baghban, no entry and recent bajarangi. Sushant role was 10 min

Still, Salman's solo BLOCKBUSTER count>>>>>> Aamir's solo hit count.... Hahaha

Uday's Sidekick ATGs : 2
Salman's Sidekick ATGs : 1
Meanwhile Aamir's Solo ATGs : 5

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