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How many of you have seen this most bold and straight forward interview/press conference of Salman Khan???

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"I'm not going to pick up filmfare or such awards. Recently 3-4 awards contacted me to take those awards but I didn't go. Hamare interviews se magazines chalti hain...Wohi hume award lene bulati hain...kehte hai perform karo and award lo... Isse wo log Paan Parag, Manikchand etc bechte hain. I'm not gonna take these awards. It's like my servant/driver/makeup man mujhse keh raha hain ki Baba aaj hum tumhe award dete hain #STUPID!"....... Said Salman Khan.
asked Apr 11 in Awards by TIGER- the real king Unit Manager (32,193 points)
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wrong is that he believes awards r not credible....n yet he being a superstar promotes a fake thing which hurts industry.......he can do live shows himself.....why rely on award shows to earn money which u believe should not be given any importance

Who told you that awards shows harm the industry?? Most of the times awards shows held in foreign countries..... So, award shows help the industry big time by creating awarness about the films and filmstars worldwide.

it harms in sense of people looking down upon the industry jst cz these stars (Salman Khan) type give these kind of remarks abt awards n then we see Legends like Usha Uthap crying, Amitabh Bachchan happy receiving awards, Shatrugan sinha giving lifetime speeches, shashi kapoor....u name it
So, first i believe boycotting awards should not be done especially for Filmfare which has been here for decades n Legends became happy receiving it......but, if u really believe n hv proof that these awards have lost credibility, then don't support n promote them.....being a Superstar, make a clear statement against awards, run a campaign addressing Legends n boycott completely until these awards shows give preference to merit........why make ur own industry people look like BIKAO MAAL

First of all, it's not like that he said that today cz he didn't get in last 25 years. His opinion is same since the beginning of his career. This interview is 20 years old.

As far as the proof of zero credibility of these concerned, watch his interview again. He clearly said that 3-4 awards offered to but he denied. Isn’t it enough to show the credibility of those awards?

'BIKAU MAAL'...... Well, entertainment industry is itself a BIKAU MAAL... Isn’t it??? Fir isme dikhana kaisa aur chhupana kaisa?

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Manipulated awards can be won by lobbying. But awards do not make an actor the best or second best actor in a country. Gabbar Singh is immortalized now though he had to be " khaali haath " of awards.

answered Apr 12 by shah Unit Manager (38,782 points)
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+1...just for the last line.....well said...

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nice mahn.....

he has mast maula type attitude..

don't care about chamchagiri

answered Apr 12 by power Assistant Director (40,504 points)
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He said this 20 years ago... 20 fcking years.. bakiyo ne abhi start kiya yeh sab bolna...

Sach me he is the epitome of attitude and badassery

answered Apr 12 by srk2617 Production Accountant (20,883 points)

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