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asked in Sports Related by All Time best! (282k points)
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Quinton Decock too can be added in the list..only thing is that he bats lower down the order in tests..

De Cock is terrific but still he is young to be included with These greats.

YEAH i agree

7 Answers

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Depends on what basis do you want

If you are looking for the batsman who is most talented among all and capable of playing unbelievable innings, from showing extreme resistance to hold an innings to changing gears are blowing bowling attacks in smithereens and playins strokes which are unthinkable and making batting and stroke making looks so easy then it's ABD..!!

If you are looking for super consistency with good batting display and number of records and centuries then Kohli is your man..!!

And if you are looking super resilience and never give up attitude of a man which so called cricket purists bashed and said that he can't make it big due to poor technique, and then proving them wrong by becoming the best in the world despite so called "poor" technique, then you are looking for Steve Smith..!!

Personally i like ABD most out of anyone because of his playing style, it's not about scoops or ramps, it's about how he makes batting looks easy and how he is so fast on his feet and hands with creating new shots out of thin air and best example of it was ball 19.5 of kxip vs rcb this year, a ball slower on off, abd charges, he got beat for a moment, slips and even after that somehow makes contact with the ball and with excellent timing sent it over cover/mid off region for a big six, and did i tell you that he reached out for that shot after he sliped..!!

answered by Super-star (193k points)
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Nice answer......very unbiased......aaj kohli to baksh kaise diya tune?.

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Top 3 for me - Virat Kohli AB Devilliers Steve Smith
AB Devilliers is most talented Batsman among 3 but isn't the best as he isn't mentally strong like Virat

answered by Cinematographer (99k points)

Also the fact that abd will retire from tests by end of 2017. Uske baad to sirf kohli aur smith ka rahega comparison

ABD has done enough to considered a legend even if he retires now. He will fit in any all Time Limited Over Squad

Wait another year bro......virat will be ahead of abd and smith overall.....is ipl men bhi 100% sure king kohli will smash a few records....despite joining late.

Kohli is already a legend in Limited overs format so is ABD

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Virat Kohli & Steve Smith for me, as ABD is behind them in test.

answered by Director (133k points)
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answered by Assistant Director (53.3k points)
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Tests: Steve smith
Odis and overall- Virat Kohli.

Abd is as good as retired from tests and due to freuqent injuries he keeps missing out on matches too.....so cant add him in this list now. With time he will only play in t20 leagues.

answered by Cinematographer (92.8k points)
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AB > Root > Virat > Smith > Warner > Amla > Williamson

answered by Production Accountant (20.5k points)

Dont agree with root ahead of virat.....ab followed by virat, then smith and then root.

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Steven Smith.... In tests.

ABD in short format...

answered by Assistant Director (43.1k points)

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