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I will go with my gut feel so here is my Prediction 1- Toh/Remo dance drama 2-Remo dance drama/Toh ,3-Dwarf 4-SOS2 5-Gold now let me know your predictions
in Box Office Related by Production Accountant (24.4k points)
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  1. TOH/ Salman Remo film
  2. TOH/ Salman Remo film
  3. Srk's dwarf movie
  4. Akshay Kumar's next with Salman kjo
  5. Dragon/golmal4 whichever released next year.
by Assistant Director (42.1k points)
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Don't think about the future...........Live in the present.

by All Time best! (283k points)

Hahaha tau g then y do u live in the past always? Plz live in present and foresee future don't stare at past nobody cares about past every one is caucious about present and future


future is unpredectable, while past and present is fact. so neither live in future nor in past but look at overall carrier.


Yes look at overall come we will compare overall career no problem in it but don't compare 92-2008 always do fair comparison from 88-2016 then dhood ka dhood paani ka paani who is real star and who is fake media made star everything will be clear we don't live in the past we always live in Present

0 votes

Remo dance drama

No hr film is confirmed as of now for 2018, ranbir's dragon is also scheduled for next year, so this list might even change.

by Director (127k points)

Dragon won't make it to the top 5 anyhow


Yes it wont but for the sake of including, to bol diya, might end up the best comic film of next year, rk playing superhero.


By the way super hero term is itself laughing for ranbir kapoor so no chance of dragon in top 5 like jagga Sahab

0 votes

There is no Salman Khan extravaganza next year.
A risky project thats all. I wish he does something big

But the movie with Remo is a good thing. Balance the things a little with a content driven movie

by Unit Manager (31.6k points)

Dance drama will be good enough like abcd2 don't worry bro

0 votes

toh and dwarf is top contender....untill salman announced his next.....

waiting for eid 18.....either remos next or dabangg 3...

by Assistant Director (45.1k points)

It will be removed dance drama 100% d3 might be the 2nd movie for 2018 by salman Khan who knows

0 votes

Salman's movie
Munna bhai 3
Son of Sardar 2

by Unit Manager (30.3k points)
0 votes

Thugs of Hindostan......................

by Second Unit Director (76.1k points)
0 votes
  1. Thugs Of Hindustan
  2. Eid Release
  3. X-Mas Release
by Production Accountant (26.7k points)
0 votes

Ode To My Father
Remo next
OTMF no release 2018
2-Remo next
3-Dawarf(if Solo release)

by Location Manager (7.5k points)
0 votes

1) Dwarf
2) Thugs of Hindustan
3) Salman Next
4) Munna Bhai 3
5) Srk next..Hoping he ll do a film after Rehnuna and before Dwarf (be finished Rehnuma and with Dwarf he ll probably start another movie)

by Second Unit Director (74.3k points)

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