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That' clearly shows the love angle of BOI and srk khan if kaabil at 86cr having budget of 89cr is FLOP then y the hell raees on 128cr having 127cr budget is SEMI HIT? Raees also deserve flop or max average Verdict but dear BOI like always (since 90s) showed heir love for srk and gave higher verdict as compare to flop or average which should have given I repeat it yet again srk have BOI in his right pocket and media in his left pocket both are his real strength without them srk is ZHEERO Golmaal Hai Bhai Sab Golmaal Hai
closed with the note: You got enough responses for a fair debate, and please don't ask such question again..!!
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Please do know what the budget BOI quotes on their websites actually comprise of.

Next look at the box office performance of the two films.

There's no love towards any actor, they've been lenient in verdicts that's all. This leniency is for all major films / superstars.


Kaabil will be declared Below Average


Raees budget 85cr...

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And I don't know a single percent about how verdicts are given - Being Tanveer (2017)

by Super-star (168k points)

Hahaha tell me if I don't know bhai Saab boi gives Verdict on distributor price and kabil had lower price as compare to raees what else I need to know bhai Saab? Boi is giving all the verdicts worldwide basis for srk movies and for others only Indian numbers base


Bhai what are you smoking. Agar Raeee ka DP zada hai toh Share bhi zada hai. Kaabil had DP of 55cr while Share is 43cr approx. Obviously its Disaster.

And if SRK verdicts are given on Worldwide naaj Dilwale is Hit and Raees will be Hit.

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