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Let's talk about openings of Three movies of Three Khans having Jai ho,talaash and fan with them 1st of all Salman khan with jai ho the movie was released in 2014 in a dull period on 3700 screens having cheapest ticket rates of this decade and grossed 17.06cr with cheap rates and in dull period on a normal working day now come towards Talaash which was released in 2012 in the month of November  which is very good period for movies the movie was released on 2550 screens and grossed 12.78cr with high ticket rates and having good release time now come to no.3 stars movie Fan which was called biggest movie of Bollywood having never seen before VFX whose budget was 150+ adding srk fee the movie released on a semi holiday with 3450 screens and grossed 19.07cr with high Ticket rates as compare to Jai ho and talaash if we adjust three movies on the same ATP and same semi holiday period then their openings would be in that order jai ho 23cr in 2016, talaash 20cr in 2016 while fan will be same as 19.06cr in 2016 on semi holiday and same ATP if any srk fan can adjust all three movies with each other can adjust but they will find fan on the bottom line among three movies if fan would released on normal day 13-15cr opening would achieved so all srk fans plz say something honest about fan opening on a semi holiday
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Oh sorry my bad edited


Khiladi 786 se Talaash ki opening par kya affect huya hoga yaar. Yeh samaj nhi aaya.


I am not saying that it's affect Talaash opening, this is for Tanveer who are saying that Talaash release period was best...
And it's not about opening but being a dark thriller it's worrying factor if you have a masala entertainer with hit music coming after 1 week...


deepak: bhai Aamir ki he izzat kr lo thori c, bechara roo roo k marr gya k Talaash thriller nhn Drama hai

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Occupancy wise......
Jai Ho >>> Talaash >>> Fan... (Talaash's avg ticket price >> Jai Ho avg ticket price).

Footfalls wise........
Jai Ho >>> Fan >>> Talaash... (plz note that Fan was a semi holiday release).

Overall :
Jai Ho >>>> Talaash >>>> Fan.

by Unit Manager (36k points)
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Tiger bhai, i admire u in general but even FF wise Talaash is>>>>>>. Fan


Opening weekend for fan-52.34cr in 2016.(Screens-3450)
Talaash 45.66cr in 2012.(Screens-2550)


Yes, Talaash's weekend footfalls >>> Fan weekend footfalls. But I think Fan's opening day footfalls are little bit higher than Talaash's opening day footfalls....(Obviously due to semi holiday and huge number of screens Fan got).. Maybe I'm wrong here! Though, occupancy wise Talaash is way ahead of Fan!

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Her opening is better

by Director (122k points)

Wtf is she doing in the middle of the road??


@IamRaj Showing her talent maybe...

+2 votes

Talaash Was Least Appealing Film Among These Three But Had Highest Opening At Plexes, Yet Again Proving Why Aamir Is The Biggest Crowdpuller Of All Time.
Talaash, On Average, Had 75% Opening At Multiplexs While Fan Had Only 45% & Regarding Jai Ho, Less Talking Is Better.. Single Screens For Talaash Was Also Excellent With 50% Opening Although Jai Ho Opened Better In Single Screens At Tier 2 & 3 Centres. Here, Fan Was Lower Than Both.
If I Were To Rate These Three's Opening Consideting All The Factors Attached I'd Rate Talaash >> Fan> Jai Ho.

by Production Accountant (26.5k points)

Just for Second I believe that Talaash had 70% Opening in Plexes & 50% in Single Screen. Considering the constitution of collection of Talaash 80% Bizz come from Plexes. I.e. 10.25cr come from Plexes which is 70% of Potential as per you which give us 14.5cr Full Day Plex Potential.

Single Screen day 1 was 2.5cr which was 50% + of Potential as per you. This give full day potential of 5cr.

All this give us Full day potential for Talaash 19.5cr.

Now Talaash did 18.75cr on Sunday. Believe me Talaash wasnt running on 96% Capacity on Day 3.


Here We Are Talking About Morning Occupancy Not The Overall Day One Occupancy. It Would Have Dipped Down In The Noon & Slightly In The Nightshows As Saturday Was A Working Day.


Here We Are Talking About Morning Occupancy
That was what I wanted to hear. Now just a fact that Multiplexes grow in Night Show from Morning until unless WOM is disasterous which wasnt case (Saturday Sunday showed termendous growth)

So we are looking at probably 75-80% Day 1 in Plexes. Leaving us 13-13.5cr Potential for single day. Great Talash ran for 100-105% capacity on Sunday.

+1 vote

Talaash was released in november and movies of srk ajay and akki were also released within gap of 1 or 2 week before or after how was that good release period, not a single holiday

Add to that genre of talaash which is dark thriller

by Production Accountant (26.7k points)

bhai Aamir sir ki he izzat kr lo thori c, bechara roo roo k marr gya k Talaash thriller nhn Drama hai


Shameless baadshah atleast talaash was a successful movie think about 2rs flops like swades and fan srk gives flop with high content movies shame on you for insulting talaash bcz of people like you there are fan wars


Talaash is the only under performer for Aamir in the last 8 years. It atleast was a semi-hit.

Ce is the only Rare performer for Shahrukh in the last 8 years.....


insult???where did i insult Talaash here?? this is ur own insecurity abt Talaash.....i was jst telling u or reminding u what Aamir sir said abt Talaash

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Jai Ha has found it tough at the box office on day one. The multiplexes did not start that strongly and could not pick up while single screens started very well but at places there were cracks in the matinee and evening shows. It is cold in the North but still it should have collected much more.
It was pretty clear in the afternoon that 20 crore nett was a huge task and as the day comes to an end the collections for the film will be around the 15 crore nett range.
The film has suffered in the multiplexes with the lowest collections of a Salman Khan starrer since Wanted in 2009. The all India collections of films like Dabangg (2010) and Ready (2011) may remain lower when the final all India total of Jai Ho comes in but at multiplexes they recorded better collections. The film has been sold for huge prices in circuits where it has been sold and figures coming in from these circuits be it Rajasthan, West Bengal or CP Berar are not proportionate to the prices that distributors have paid.

For Talaash
Talaash First Day Business-
Talaash grossed a good 12.25-12.50 crore nett approx on day one due to strong business at multiplexes. Basically most circuits had strong areas and weak areas be it big circuits or smaller circuits.
A Rajasthan was good in Jaipur and Kota but rest were average, Delhi/UP was strong in Delhi city, Noida and Lucknow but other cities were not as good. Similarly in Mumbai circuit, Mumbai city recorded good collections but in Gujarat only a few cities contributed well. The South Indian circuits of Mysore, Nizam and Tamil Nadu were all strong comparatively.
It’s a good start for the film and now the key will be what sort of improvement can come on Saturday as a 12 crore first day on this release leaves room for plenty of growth on Saturday if the audience takes to the film.


by Director (128k points)
+1 vote

Tiger bhai, i admire u in general but even FF wise Talaash is>>>>>>. Fan


Opening weekend for fan-52.34cr in 2016.(Screens-3450)
Talaash 45.66cr in 2012.(Screens-2550)

by Camera Operator (8.5k points)
+1 vote

Talaash obviously. The movie is also good.
Fan despite being a so called good film on a partial holiday with kapil sharma promotion tanked at the box office

by Second Unit Director (75.7k points)
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Fan : 19.75 Lakh footfalls on 11000 Approx Shows
Jai Ho : 21.75 Lakh footfalls on 15500 Approx Shows
Talaash : 14.75 Lakh footfalls on 9000 Approx Shows

Judge yourself.

by Super-star (168k points)

Bhai 3700 (was reported 3900 at that time) includes B & C.


There were around 4500 screens not 4000. Get the fact right!


I don't need to get my fact rights. Tgey sre pretty much exact.


Haan bhai.... Dikh raha hai

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