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All the fans, irrespective of Khans, Roshans, Kumars, Devgans, Kapoors, Dhawans etc..

We are not desperate for traffic. If we've allowed you to make too many posts irrespective of quality, then it's only for your own entertainment. This forum is a platform for you to share and have fun. Not at the cost of any CHEAP THIRD RATE BEHAVIOUR.

If you can't maintain the quality of your posts & BEHAVE yourselves, then might as well stay inactive. You don't get to insult any star as if you own them & neither will you be allowed insult fellow members.

Now, mods will take the decision on whether to ban either TEMPORARILY OR PERMANENTLY, some members who broke the code till now.

Further if repeated then we ADMINS will have to take action & the result will be PERMANENT BAN.

REMEMBER this forum belongs to each one of you. Contribute how much ever you want, same goes to having fun but if it brings down the quality of the forum then severe action will be taken.
asked in Movie Discussions by Mega Star (220k points)
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Also no name calling. This was clearly told to all the members way before itself.

No ***** or Ranbore or flopman blah blah allowed. Even for the mods/admins, don't get carried away with your taunts.

Mock for fun but don't INSULT.

WOW! Nice to meet the new suhas... I'm lovin' it

Kapoors , dhawans ke baad hashmis bhi daalna Tha na Bhai..

Hashmi fans are not crossing the line know. Only thing is COI series is yet to begin again.

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I have been saying this for the past two weeks, several users keep posting the same content over and over and make this forum an unpleasant place to be. One of the reasons I like visiting this forum is that people actually make valid points and get into interesting conversations. But now all the fanboy's from Facebook, Twitter, etc have made their way here and keep posting nonsense and keep provoking all day long.

answered by Location Manager (5.9k points)
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Suhas,i was abt to edit when my net connection was broke,please restore i wld edit my post and try not to make such mistake in future.

answered by Location Scout (4.4k points)
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answered by Casting Director (17.9k points)
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Sahi hai..... sahi hai .................

answered by Assistant Director (57.7k points)
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ummmmmmmmmmmmm........... may be .... a year ago.... i told alll this to zin....bhai nay us time baat nahe maani.......i knew this was gonna happen.......i know everything ....for i am grand...... absolutely grand yoda nova

answered by Director (120k points)
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Why people are clubbed as a Srk fan ( who will not talk anything good about Salman, Aamir ),
Salman fan ( who will not talk anything good about Srk Aamir ) or Aamir fan ( who will not about Salman Srk ) ?

Why one has to hear this very often than you are doing chaploosi and blah blah if he praise actor other than favourite actor..?

answered by Assistant Director (41k points)
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U guys only give warnings nd make warning post after every 6 month , what stopped u and other mods when that saurabh(i can tell that its fake acc) made that insulting post? U should ban that guy/person (inc. ME) that moment only when smone use words like spit on ur face, kingu etc so that no one will dare to this again but u guys do nothing and when we make counter post then u mods suddenly wakes up, hide all the posts(u usally hide insulting post not blaming u)

My point is ban those who make such post on that moment only nd not just spare them by giving mere warning and let them free to keep making such post again and again

They cried usually for boi, if they have such problem then they should not follow that site as simple is that but these loser keep whining nd crying like girls all day long

answered by Location Scout (4k points)

I apolosize for my beahivour.please restore my post.

@Raees-R What prompted you to not reach out to the mods? Instead you chose to stoop to that level!

We let all the posts, doesn't mean that should be misused. Not at the cost of forum's quality.

The post tells the users to behave & maintain the quality of the forum ( their posts). What needs to be done if the users break the code has been very well conveyed to the mods & admins.

Mods will do their duty without being told. They took soft approach doesn't mean they're incapable.

I am not a fake account.Raees.i m saurabh and would always remain so.i m also at satyamshot as aamirsaurabh,at bollyarena as saurabh,at indicine as saurabh(though post very less there).you can check all those sites.

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Earlier grand nova was a massive factor which forced all hrithikians to bash salman, now that he is quiet, there is peace.
If you actually want to make a difference have a look at the way rajat provokes salman, hr fans.....from my side I shall take care from now on.

answered by Assistant Director (59.2k points)

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