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I am putting my bets on RCB, GL and the Delhi daredevils.
asked in Sports Related by Cinematographer (92.8k points)
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I guess stupidity​ & heights of joblessness considering how much ppl actually lose on betting & boozing.

Otherwise, I do want RCB to win or any team Dravid supports.

I am not literally betting suhas, its a term of expression.

He he my bad for not reading your description. My comment was not a taunt on you. Had met a guy during Goa trip who had lost 20 lacs on betting.

6 Answers

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RCB MI SRH have most balanced squad this year

answered by Cinematographer (99k points)
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Rcb all the way for me....king kohli will do it again. Bhai gujarat lions bhi accha karegi i feel. They did well last time.

They are good side but don't like them..IPL is nothing​ without CSK RR....Lot of injuries may hurt RCB but still they are very good side..Most Balanced side imo is MI..Thy have all bases covered and SRH is great side too with addition of Rashid Khan who at present is one of the best Leg spinners

Yep. Kohli will be back for rcb and abd will play too, he has been rested as a precautionary measure. I back kohli to be man of the series again and power rcb to the title.

What's your preferred 11 for SRH this year?
+2 votes

My favourite cricketer is Sikhar Dhawan and will support his team

answered by Unit Manager (30.8k points)

Chalo Bhai koi to Sikhar Dhawan
Ka FAN hai

Yes, he was the one who led India to Champions Trophy win.
He was the highest scorer of India in the last World Cup. When India was on verge of humiliating 3-0 loss to Bd, he was the performer.

+1 vote


It's good that you in real didn't bet on any of these lol

answered by Super-star (193k points)

Unliky kohlitards, i Don't have only one favorite..!!

ABD is just one of many..!!

And i don't care if ABD scores ducks or scores century, i don't support RCB most of the time
Only thing I'm thinking is that i have many more favourite players playing in this ipl, what about you, as clearly you guys don't think about anyone other then kohli..!!

And regarding performance, then kohli also didn't do anything to talk about in this ipl..!!

He has played an entire home.season, 14 tests at home, a shoulder injury and yet 250 runs in 7.games......
Lets not forget under his reign India is unbeaten in tests since 2015........something which abd must be so jealous of...oops i forgot abd is a moneybag.....he quit tests to play cash rich t20 leagues.

Says a fan of a greedy player who says that 2.5 crs is peanuts and demands more lol

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hhahahahahahah poor choices

anyways i want kkr to win

answered by Casting Director (16k points)

No captain can do anything if self proclaimed God abd plays cheap shots, universal boss has lost his mojo.....
One man doesnt play a team plays.

Apart from gambhir there are no superstars in kkr still kkr are 2 times champions 1 time champions league finalist won 14 back to back matches even this season they are real favourites bcz they play well as a unit and gambhir is excellent player and even btr captain though he is past his prime

Rcb has superstars still failing to perform as unit kohli is helpless

Sorry but you can't say that ABD us self proclaimed god, tell me one instance when ABD in any instance said that he is god..!!
Now coming to part 2, Please don't say that Virat Kohli hasn't played Cheap shots and got out..!!
And third thing - Kohli is NOT A GOOD CAPTAIN..!! DEAL WITH IT..!!

And one more thing....

Which player don't play cheap shots, that didn't stopped teams like CSK, KKR, MI from winning multiple ipl

This season KKR is at 2nd rank despite poor fielding..!!

So that poor shots is an excuse to save a failed captain..!!

0 votes

Aamchi Mumbai.... Sachin Sir.. Rohit Sharma..

answered by Camera Operator (11.3k points)
–1 vote

So Along With Being A Cinema Retard, You Are A Cricketing Retard As Well.

answered by Production Accountant (25.2k points) 1 flag

Saya a man who chooses ashwin in his all time odi 11.
Dont challenge me on a topic for which you dont even know the abc of.

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