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Q. Why do you call Salman Khan a megastar even though his only non-holiday release Jai Ho opened to only 18 crores?

A. Jai Ho had a massive first weekend at the box office. High ticket sales, cheap ticket prices, 26 crore on Sunday. All this for almost a B-grade looking film, with hardly anything in it except Salman’s presence. Plus, he has 8 blockbusters or better out of his last 10 films. All of them 100 crore grossers. Four consecutive 200 crore plus films. 800 crore plus domestic business over a period of 1 year (Bajrangi Bhaijaan to Sultan). Bumper opening for almost all films. This sort of a run has never been seen before. We aren’t even talking about television or his growing fan base overseas. Megastar is actually an understatement.

Some desperate hater tried to ask this question but  fell flat on his face. I dont why cant they just accept the fact and move on and stop trolling themselves.
Source Link: indicine
in Movies by Location Manager (6.5k points)
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He is a megastar & he has earned this title. Nothing self proclaimed & definitely nobody has done a favour in giving him this title.

He is indeed the truest form of Megastar for Bollywood post Big B's golden run back in the day.

I am happy 'Megastar' caught on considering he's the only one DESERVING among his counterparts.


@suhas look at the irony as you too have become a Mega Star in this forum...
Mega Star Suhas is a fan of Mega Star Salman Khan ..

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Megastar is actually an Understatement.... True

by Camera Operator (11.6k points)
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Salman is not Mega Star, he is Giga star, he rules the cosmos and the stars, rumour has it that Salman is having a cameo in Avengers, apparently he will deliver the knockout punch to Thanos and save the universe, and then Avengers will take him to the poace where he rightfully beoongs, in jodhpur

by Mega Star (214k points)

Yep, in short, SRK >> SALMAN, enjoy..!!


Careful TB your accepting of that fact will make Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan to be the direct competitor to SRK along with Prabhas.


@Suhas he is above all, SRK, Salman, Aamir fan fights and arguments will continue but he is on top, all others are fighting for 2nd place..!!


Hmm still Gigastar?! Kowsigan kabhi maaf nahi karega.

Regarding Jodhpur, nobody unrelated to the case knows where he rightfully belongs. He's still fighting for his freedom & it's his right as well. Randomly calling Jodhpur to be his right place is similar to Srk's hardcore fans declaring his right place to be Pakistan.

+3 votes

Salman Khan ..

by Editor (86.3k points)
+1 vote

Hahaa funny bhai fans

Q. Who is SRK?

A. A common man who became one of the biggest movie stars in the world? You know Indicine, but you don’t know SRK? Who are you?

Q. What is your opinion on SRK being called as the world’s biggest movie star and the most popular star by CNN, BBC, Los Angeles Times, Forbes etc..?

A. He is by far the most recognised Hindi film star in the world – especially among non-Indians. It doesn’t really need to reflect in the box office collections, Amitabh Bachchan films don’t open well, that doesn’t mean he isn’t one of the the biggest names in the industry.

There is one more q and a which I couldn't find where bhai fans asked is SRK really biggest movie star worldwide and they indicine trolled them...bhai fans keep asking different questions on SRK by changing format

by Location Scout (4.4k points)

Acc to ur logic srk is still more popular than 2010 reborn bhai, nd as bhai did wrong movies last decades ,srk is doing now,srk is not doing gud movies nd still he is giving hits while bhai was out of top 5 acc to indicine in last decade Lol Free ka internet hai to kuch bhi bologe?agar popular hota to b2b 8flops nahi deta...and overall (17 flops in last decade) SRK has given just 1 flop fan


Keep praising bhai we r not stopping, but if u insult srk based on his recent records then we too can brings bhais golden period BTW 2000-09


Bro we never insult srk for this phase, that phase . Bad phases comes in every ones life. We only compare by looking at all time records,full career analysis which matters the most.


Well if you dont care about BO results then what is the point of you being here?

Go to some movie review forum

0 votes

In some recent years we know eid and Christmas are number one two release period and Diwali is 3rd. When bhai Came in 3rd biggest release date, that's also solo he gave a mere hit. And when in a ordinary period but includes holiday , south masala remake Bhai gave a underperformer semi hit.

by Editor (88.5k points)

You did not reply... who was ahead in 90s... was it srk??


I didn't reply cuz u adopted indicine. .we all know authenticity of indicine. All the hits big hits Salman got most of the credit goes to others while srk steal everything from others. Even according to boi srk is ahead.


Even in stardom he was not in 3 in 90. As box office India said. ....


When BOI says salman is number 1 u dont like that
Indicine says that, u dont like that

Toh kiska sunega bhai?? Tu khud koi analyst hai??

And indicine gage pure numbers

What do you want?? Opening numbers??

Kya criteria hai tera woh bata de

Bhag mat

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