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Debut movie of Aamir

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Some people have misconception that 1984 movie Holi which was basically filmed at FTTI was Aamir's debut movie
But in reality That movie didnt even release and even if it would have released it wouldnt have been added in Aamir's filmiography bcz he had a cameo in that movie

Following is an extract from an interview-

Did you have to struggle for a break as an actor?

I worked as an assistant director with my uncle Nasir-saab for four years in both Zabardast and Manzil Manzil.  Earlier I was associated with the stage for two years. Before I got my break as a leading man with Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, I had acted in two short films to train myself. I had gone to Pune to act in films without the knowledge of both my father and uncle. Ketan Mehta saw one film and offered me a cameo role in Holi when I was just an assistant. It required me to sit inside an almirah. Since the film was an off beat film, it was not even released but premiered on Doordarshan. Nasir-saab and Manzoor saw the film and liked my performance and offered me Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak.

I hope now people dont start saying Aamir acted in two short films so those are his debut movies

There is difference between short films/documentries and art/feature films the former doesnt get added to filmiography

Aamir's Filmiography starts with 1988 Blockbuster and cult classic movie Qayamat se Qayamat tak

Aamir even after coming from filmy background didnt get anything for free he worked hard for reaching at top where he is today.

He did short films stage drama became assistent director before getting his debut movie


Earlier Aamir was known as Tahir Hussain's son now Tahir hussain is known as Aamir's Father This is Aamir's success which he earned from his talent and hardwork.
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Aamir or Salman or anybody survives because of talent. The same Uncle plus Aamir Khan can't make Faisal or Imran big. Salim uncle plus Salman cannot make Arbaaz or Sohail great.

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I already knew that....Holi is not his debut film....
His debut film is "Yaadon Ki Baraat".....

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That was as child artist that too in cameo again if you want to can consider that but holi is documentry and more importantly it didnt even release so cant be counted

Anyways In reality his filmiography starts from qsqt in 1988

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Ok, QSQT was his debut movie. Ab kya? Koi purpose bacha hai tumhari life ka?

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Tumhare life mei agar koi important purpose hain tob usko pura karo yahan forum pe time paas mat karo

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yeah....he worked so hard that he got an opportunity to assist his uncle without any problem......this is same stuff Harshvardhan Kapoor was saying when Jim Sarbh gave him a shut up call in roundtable.....how easy it is to say 'he had to struggle too'......getting a chance to even sit around filmy people is a big opportunity for which normal people put a lot of struggle...jst for making some contacts....but jb ghar mein uncle hn filmi, to sb hasal mangal hojata hai, phir sirf film-viasti par dhyaan dainay ki zarorat hoti hai

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Comparing harshvardhan kapoor with Aamir khan totally expected from you

And having contacts would make anyone successful then abhishek bobby arbaaz sohail tushaar imran faisal uday fardeen akshay khanna twinkle pooja bhatt and all people comming from filmy background would become superstars

bhai main opportunity ki baat kr rha hn.....Harshvardhan ko dekho....waisay shayd usay koi kutta na pochta lekin aaj Rakesh Omprakash k saath film kr chuka hai....aur next i think Vikram Aditya Motwani k saath hai.....opportunity bhai...opportunity....Aamir ny us opportunity ko achi trha utilize keya.....Abhishek wgaira nhn kr sakay....but dekho, achay directors k saath kaam krnay ka chance milta rha to Guru jaisi class performance Abhishek Bachchan bhi dy gya.....
my point is, there struggle is a lot lesser than normal people.....Rancho tu try kr na,....aik saal dhakkay kha sirf ksi baray director ko assist krnay k liye.....maybe 5saal bhi koi munh na lgaye jo chez Aamir ko plate mein mil gayi....yehi story hoti hai bohat sy logon k.....magar filmi relations hn to aapka talent jaldi pick ho skta hai

You forgot flop actors like Saif Ali Khan!.

bro saif has some success so didnt take his name anyways list will be long if i include everyone

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