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On whether he doesn't want to give marriage another try, Arbaaz smiled and said, "I feel there is a time and an age for sowing your wild oats. I had that phase before I was 26 when I met Malaika. Before that, I was playing the field. I was not in committed relationships, I had a number of girlfriends. When I met Malaika, I felt the need to get married and after four years of dating, we got married when I was 30. I really don’t know whether I have it in me at this point to go through the entire scenario of commitment and giving it everything. The mindset right now, is that if somebody comes in my life, I will see it then…. Maybe even let it go on the way it is, rather than making any promises or commitments."

Rumours were rife of Arbaaz dating a woman who made quite a few appearances in Arbaaz's Instagram photos. When quizzed about her, Arbaaz said, "Which one? If you are talking about Yellow, she is just a friend. She is somebody who I meet when I go to Goa. She owns a restaurant."
Quiz him on if she is Romanian, Arbaaz revealed, "No, that’s another girl — Alexandria. That’s my friend. I am dating, yes. But we are not... As of now, there is still a long way to go."

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Apne bade bhai ka bhi ek do shaadi kara leta

by Director (135k points)
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Bade bhai


Thanks bhai

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Langoor ke hath main angoor, he said he had many gf before meeting malika isiliye aaj bhai ke paise pe jee raha hai... Agar us waqt career pe dhyan deta to aaj ye din na dekhna padta

by Location Scout (4.3k points)

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