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So my relatives took me to watch BKD, I couldn't refused cause they already booked the tickets, and I got free popcorn & cold drink, in an ac hall, so not much complain..!! As for movie, I decided to write a not so short review..!! I would had said spoilers alert, but its 17 days old and took some inspiration for some parts of review..!! And a note, it's a sarcastic review, just for fun, don't abuse please all alia & varun fans
in Movies by Mega Star (211k points)
98% Accept Rate

Among the wave of social movies, comes another social movie which shows over society as socially fu**ed up

Join Varun Dhawan as he plays Badrinath also called Badri, he is your typical commercial movie hero, has good looks, can dance, sing, and is charming (at least the movie says so). He is also part time idiot, part time angry young man, part time last action hero who (flexes his muscles mostly on weak people, slap his best friends, but couldn't do shit when a group arrives and harras him), and he is also a full time creep, as he stalks and stalks a girl to force her to wed her despite her saying no many times and when she betrayed her, says that why didn't she said no.......... Which means he is also a hypocrite

Meat Alia bhatt as she plays vaidehi, a strong, determined girl who wants to fly high for fulfilling her dreams..... Literally, cause she wants to become airhostess, who is also a con women as she cons innocent (not really) badri into funding her sister's wedding before betraying him, but for a con women, she also dumb as she put her sister's wedding in jeopardy too, at least think about your sister idiot..!!

Then there is badri's sidekick, who is circuit to badri's munna, seriously, they even recreate Munna slapping circuit scene from lrmb, and they fail miserably in creating emotions unsurprisingly........ And we have a devdas brother of badri who don't show any sign of being a devdas except one scene

Society shown in this movie are filled with primitive assholes who asks for dowry, modern day thinkers who ask for dowry, and generic elders who don't want their daughters/daughters in law to work and becomes sad when a daughter is born................ There is a Dangal parody character who tried 4 times for a son, yet all 4 were daughters, unlike Dangal, this movie did nothing to establish that he won't try 5th or 6th time..!!

So experience a family friendly movie with.............. Dowry,Expletives, violence, kidnapping, pregnancy jokes, g*y jokes, fart jokes, molestation jokes, molestation scene which is supposed to be funny, continues harassment of a girl, women being looked upon, stalking, stalking and a lot of stalking........... (Seriously, varun's character should end in jail about 100 times in this movie), and........... So many high camera shots...... And English lessons, and Maths, and more maths..!!


A creepy douchebag
An idiotic Catch me if you can parody
Second rate circuit
10% Devdas
Generic old thinking father 1
Generic old thinking father 2
Generic old thinking father 3
Bhushan phogat or am I confusing movie..??
Gas cylinders on wheels
Seven wonders of world & jhansi fort ;)


Seriously, it seems like UP government got idea of Anti Romeo squad after watching this movie..!!

7 Answers

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Best answer

Dil jeet liya tune bhai. Kasam se movie se tera review 100 times accha hain. Bhai Rediff main Raja Sen ko bhej do. Woh maan jayega ki tum hi best reviewer ho. Aur aaj se tum khudko no.1 critic bhi keh sakte ho.

by Second Unit Director (77k points)
selected by
+3 votes

Woaah woaaah woaaah TB ..U r on fire . Not really most credible but certainly the most entertaining review of the month

by Director (123k points)
+3 votes

Well that is something exactly i felt after watching it
Probably the best BKD review i have seen so far
Great bro

by Assistant Director (40.8k points)
+2 votes

Well a Varun Liker, Not a die hard Salman fan & Aamir admirer attacking you in 3 2 1.....

by Super-star (171k points)
+1 vote

Honest Trailers se inspired lag rahe ho

by Assistant Director (46.6k points)
+1 vote

Not gonna read the review right now esp. with spoilers.....i don't read reviews before watching a film.....its a rule except i guess i broke for OUATIMD cz it released on 6th day of CE n was a concerning thing........2nd was BESHARAM reviews, cz i laughed so much that day.....i enjoyed Ranbir Kapoor's sinking stardom with biggest release of Bollywood ever......except these 2, i try not to read a single review......so, long story short, gonna watch this film soon when it comes in good print n then will share my views too......bookmarked

by Unit Manager (33.2k points)

Ranbir Kapoor's sinking stardom..............hahhahhahahahahhahaha


hehe......even that way i m lenient....atleast giving him a benefit of doubt that he had any stardom....which he didn't hv....but people said he had stardom.....i don't know why people said that.......pta nhn loag bhi na, kaisi kaisi baatein krtay hain

0 votes

Dont agree man. It was a full on entertainer, yes low on logic but then BNKD was 100 times better than the likes of Ok jaanu and ADHM.

by Director (132k points)

Didn't liked the climax at all, for a movie based on social issue such as dowry & female rights, climax was too easy..!!

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