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+1 vote
Sholay is the "Film of the Millennium "--BBC POLL
It topped British film institute 's Top 10 Indian Films of all time
It is included in Time Magazine 's "Best of Bollywood "
in Awards by Second Unit Director (79.2k points)
99% Accept Rate

5 Answers

+2 votes
Best answer

Because it was allegedly copied from many Hollywood Western films but iam not sure about that.

by Director (124k points)
selected by

Then why did DEVDAS win so many? No problem if it involves their coverboys, is it?


Bhaisaab difference Hai yahaan .Devdas proper adaptation thi . SLB ne apna nazariya aur version dikhaya ..Bache Bache ko maloom tha ke story Kya hogi .

+1 vote

Deewar deservingly got the award.

by All Time best! (286k points)

And SHOLAY undeservingly won filmfare best film of 50 years in 1999 ????

+1 vote

Doing business doesn't make any film get any award,especially if that is copy paste from foreign film without acknowledgiing source.'

'Sholay’ was modeled on many a classic Western film. The main plot- about mercenaries defending a village against bandits who raid it for provisions- is basically a compressed version of ‘The Magnificent Seven’ which in turn was inspired by the far superior ‘Seven Samurai’.

One of the things that not many people might not know is that the scene where Gabbar Singh slaughters Thakur’s family is modeled quite somewhat similarly to the scene from Leone’s ‘Once Upon A Time In The West’, in which Henry Fonda’s devilish Frank and his men kill McBain and his family.
Even the music and sound effects are similar in the two scenes.
Even Iconic Mehbuba song was clear copy paste from Demis Roussoss’s Say You Love Me. Demis' original was released in 1974.

by Production Accountant (24.4k points)
0 votes

Sholay Is Overrated. Deewar Was A Much Better Film & Rightfully Won The Award.

by Production Accountant (27.4k points)
0 votes

Sholay didn't deserved was a crap.

by Camera Operator (8.5k points)

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