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In my Point of view Dangal will have 498-500cr Gross on 374.5 cr by Boi and will have 3.65-3.69cr footfalls having ATP at least 136 Now come to Tubelight I personally think if Eid falls on Monday then 300cr will b done and dusted in 10 flats days and movie will do 370+ Inshallah and Gross will be more or less same to Dangal but will have less ATP so footfalls will be more than dangal Inshallah now come to Tiger ZINDA Hai I personally think opening will be 38cr weekend will be 120-123cr week 1 235cr Tiger might do 300cr in 10 days I have a little doubt coz movie is not content oriented but movie will definetly do 330-350cr inshallah ATP will be high gross will be less than Tubelight so footfalls also be less than Tubelight I will go with 3.25+ footfalls for TZH Now post your genuine opinions not like fanatics
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sir when salman khan's done with christmas this year..... with TZH.... you'll realise ... how aamir khan......been wasting Christmas all these years......... he's gonna demolish all records.... two 4cr footfalls...... tubelight and tzh.

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Haha dabbang 2 ko vul gaye Kya?3open week blockbuster sequel but but 150cr...Ab a maat kahena ki WOM poor.....


Dabangg 2 3 open week nice joke
4 jan 5 movie release hui thi
Dear please check
Bollywood Movie Release Date?
1-Rajdhani Express
2-Dehraadun Diary
3-Dekha Jo Pehli Baar
4-Table No 21
5-Meri Shadi Karao


Yes all are huge movie record breaking collection all movie


PK Had Only One Open Week As Ugly Released On 26th December. Still It Did 340Crore. ROFL.

+2 votes

How Many Times Do I Need To Correct You That Dangal's ATP Will Be 131-132 Rs. Weekend ATP Itself Was 137 Rs So Overall Will Be 131-132 Or Even Lesser.
Hence The Footfalls Are Likely To Be 500/1.31 = Over 3.8Crore(Hindi Version Alone)
All India Footfalls Will Be 3.9-3.95Crore. Isn't That Another Huge Achievement By Ace?
And As Far As Tubelight Of Tiger Zinda Hai Is Concerned, They Will Be Aiming To Beat Dhoom : 3's Footfalls.

by Production Accountant (26.7k points)

Average Movie beat 3 idiot and Dhoom 3 footfall
zabardasti na bola karo

If Jai Ho
Fan 3 open week
Jai Ho 170
Fan 120 cr
If Bajrangi Bhaijaan 3 open week
Raja Hindustani wala footfall to gaya tha
Don't worry kabhi to mauka milega


enjoy the last 4,5 movies of aamir khan's career.


No it won't coz boi was wrong for 1st week ATP that's y they did not given update after that I'm sure ATPnwill b 135+


being_tanveer, If You Don't Want To Come Out From La La Land To Reality Then I Can't Help You. Dangal Footfalls Is Less Than 2Crore. Now Does That Make You Feel Somewhat Better?
Grand Nova, Means 4-5 More ATGs. Total Count Heading Towards TEN. While No One Has Ever Gone Beyond The Count Of ONE. As You Famously Say "Feel The Magnitude"

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Dangal FF's -> 3.6 - 3.65 cr
Tubelight FF's (with WoM like Sultan)-> 3.15 - 3.3 cr
TZH FF's (If it has 7.5 or + WoM out of 10)-> 3.25 - 3.35

one of them (TL & TZH) will cross 300 cr mark & one will fail. Tubelight will be a good movie But will fall short of expectations & it will not be of BB level. The connection with People will not be like BB & so might b the appeal. risky movie indeed bcoz the writer is Kabir & I'm afraid that he is going to repeat what Arbaz did with D2, same to same but failed badly, so Kabir & sallu r going for a movie like BB & the emotions might be forced etc etc.
TZH if get solo release then I'm sure it will be better than ETT, Ali is better director than Kabir when it comes to mass movies & I'm hope that ali's main focus is espionage not love story. If it clashes with Dutt biopic then 200 cr will an uphill task.

by Production Accountant (24.8k points)
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bajrangi's screenplay was written by kabir khan............ and he's a great writer.


well BB story was written by V.Prasad. Kabir inputs in the story was less than 10%.
The Stories written by Kabir and Neelesh who is also writing Tubelight story are ETT, Phantom & Kabul Express.....


So dear god father where are those people who said Raees will be a matster piece coz rahul had national award and made parzania type movie and Sultan will be utter crap coz Ali can't make any better movie blah blah then what happened ? Every one knows what raees was and what sultan was now don't underestimate Kabir khan He is way better than Ali,dholakia, etc Tubelight will be Master piece Inshallah


I never said that Raees will a masterpiece or any thing like that. SRK & Nawaz acted well only, movie was a disappointment for me. In this Decade I liked only 2 SRK movies , MNIK & Don 2.
Sultan was a better movie than Raees, I admit it. Ali proved himself that's why I predicted high for TZH as it is a safer movie than Tubelight if it gets solo release.
According to me Ali is a better writer than Kabir & Kabir is a better director than Ali.
The writers of Tubelight are Neelesh & Kabir. Their filmography is as given below :
Kabul Express - Flop - Negative WoM
Ek Tha Tiger - Extremely Mixed WoM (Scored bcoz of Sallu Superstardom & Hype Bcoz of many reasons)
Phantom - Flop - Negative WoM

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