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It is Pyaasa [1957], ofcourse restored version. 

Mine was One Million Years B.C. (1966). I watched it in 2007.

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How come you watched it in theatre in 2007..?/was it re-released..??
Yes it was a re-release. I had lost a bet so had to watch this movie alone. Had an unique experience though. This film is so old that they actually shot a tortoise in close up & showed it as a giant creature. But hats off to the creativity & even now I thank my friends for forcing me to watch this. I for one was so pissed off at the film but was amazed that the theater was sold out (it didn't have a balcony) with many families, they kept enjoying the film. That day I realized criticizing a film is useless while you're watching it, there's always atleast one reason you can find to enjoy the worst film too.

And this movie has a 5.6 rating on IMDB, for  1960's standards this was poor man's The Lost World. I have read many positive reviews about this film & back in the day this film was indeed loved. Only now the movie's rating has come down to 5.6 but when I first checked in it was almost 7.
ok....thanx for the info...!!

Hum Aapke Hain Koun...! In 1995.

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sholay in army theatre in 2000

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I watched khiladi in 2000,bcz I never watch any others movie in theatre.

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It was one of biggest Assamese blockbuster, "Hiya Diya Niya" (In Hindi: Dil Do Aur Lo) Starring assamese superstar Jatin Bora! Released in 2001.I have watched it with my parents...

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SHOLAY in 1987...........

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.......godfather dekha........recentlyy in a special screening....oldest for me...........

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Oldest is also the first I saw....Kismat Konnection.

by Assistant Director (48.1k points)

....kismet konnection isnt that old of a movie....u started goingg 2 theaters in 2008??......


Actually it's Pyaasa [1957] for me which I watched earlier this year thanks 1018mb organizing the special screening.


I lived in KSA at that time and had no cinemas. Plus even in Pakistan Bollywood movies were banned, and our own industry was dead. The first actual chance I got was Kismat Konnection during vacations and I watched it.

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NAYAK ... the real Hero
when i was in school

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