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What does BOI has to say about this.
asked in Box Office Related by Assistant Director (46.4k points)
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2 Answers

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And a Hollywood movie is beating all 3 combined, and Hollywood movie is performing poor lol

And don't try to change the fact, a big commercial potboiler will get more eyeballs then big European cinema, When Shahid kapoor's highest grossing movie is R Rajkumar and Rangoon crashed & burned, it's not that their are no takers for such movies, but then movie must have excellent content and WOM, where as a big Hindi commercial movie will do good even in decently positive WOM, then comes budget equations, which is different matter entirely

All the so called European films who succeed had excellent WOM, anything which got less then positive WOM, crashed & burned, biggest example of that released in 15 April 2016, Now I don't know it it was European cinema or what, but it had the biggest superstar of Bollywood and yet got bitchslapped by a boy in underwear & some talking animals, and these boy & talking animals were more desi then most of Bollywood movies nowdays..!!

answered by Super-star (177k points)

but that doesnt mean this type of cinema should be cut out entirely. imagine fan being completed at a budget of 45Crs. entirely possible if they scrapped out all the useless foreign sequences

That's what's boi's point, they don't want these movies to be cut, they want the budget to get cut a bit

Plus they are pissed at how a big house like Disney/utv had to back off from india due to massive loses occurred to them due to poor performance of over budget European movies..!!

i am sure i read somewhere on BOI where they said this cinema should not be made in india at all. without any mention of the budget. thats what pissed me off

+1 vote

But didn't we say this kind of cinema don't have any takers - BOI

answered by Star (159k points)

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