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He made his acting debut with the art house drama Mrigaaya 1976), for which he won his first National Film Award for Best Actor

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1980s were indeed worse doesn't mean every film that released was bad. Know what movies came in 80s apart from the south remakes. Because there are masterpieces in 80s which not a single Hrithik starrer can match. Is Koi Mil Gaya any match to Masoom?

And I am not answering to please any fan. I am only answering coz I am not happy with such insults towards veterans. Whatever craze you see for hrithik's dance skills is still no match for the craze Govinda or Mithun Da commanded when they danced on screen.

And Govinda or Mithun Da are not good actors? Na.. just because they've done many forgettable films you can't insult them. Watch their films, real films & then speak as an audience, not as a Hrithik fan.

You can love Hrithik but you can't insult veterans just for the sake of it.

Suhas bhai, then no film of salman is a match for masoom either................bol??? If youre such a film lover, then talk for your fav actor too.

You tell me dilip saab, raj kapoor, dev saab, rajesh, BIG B are ahead of hrithik and I shall wholeheartedly agree. Hr is not a patch on these legends. But sorry to say mithun and govinda are B grade actors.

As a fan I might take some films names but I won't feel insecure or bad to praise a worthy film. I love Masoom so yes. Same goes to Silsila. I would pick them over a Salman film no matter how much I love his film.

You haven't really watched their films if you call them B grade actors. They will never be called as B grade actors, never before & never ever. If you call the likes of Mithun & Govinda as B grade then how can you even rate anyone's acting talent? Like I said, watch more of their films, Govinda has done films not directed by David Dhawan.

Govinda is a very very good actor n 2nd best comic timing he has for me in Bollywood after Akshay Kumar......for Mithun, he was a very composed actor n had very powerful command on dialogue delivery......as much as his character is irritating in Agneepath (if u have seen that n decided), merit wise he showed some versatility with that role to me atleast.....then his many other films which i had cassettes in my childhood n watched those again n again n loved him in action scenes, don't remember his performances critically but they were entertaining for me as he had style.....he was a joy to watch n i liked him a lot in those days when i had a usual bad feeling as a child for non-good looking n black actors....so mjhe us dor mein Mithun ka pasand ana bohat bari achievement thi Mithun ki
n yaar, u r one of the few sane guys here.....don't know who provoked u......but u must not use bad words for very good actors like Mithun n Govinda.......
n yaar dancing is not only abt being perfectionist which Hrithik is.....even ur Hrithik likes the mad dancing more than this perfect dancing.......Naseeruddin Shah sahib love Shammi Kapoor cz he thinks what he did as a performer n the way he made those songs look different is what Naseer sahib respects the most......n Govinda had a very entertaining way of dancing......Mithun ka zyada pta nhn h....i used to laugh at him being a judge in Dance India Dance n used to make fun of his Grand Salute which he gave to everybody, n at that time i didn't know how big he was as a dancer as never knew if he ever danced.....i don't even remember if he danced much in other films....probably only Disco Dancer is huge

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Baazigar bhai....apna level itna na giraaon.....
I don't have anything else to say......

answered by Production Accountant (24.9k points)
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Baazigar, mithun koi dilip kumar nahi hai.............he is B grade actor, since you are elder to all of us in age, you should be knowing............80% films in the 1980's were total shits. A masoom or a ram teri............except them, the rest were shits.

Good musical films revived with MPK and QSQT.

Baazigar...Gussa Apni jagah.....
Lekin u saying Mithun as servant.....for that I said don't stoop to such levels.....
Rest u know how this forum works.....so it's better to ignore....

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Mithun Chakraborty was one of the most popular actors among the masses

answered by Camera Operator (9k points)
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Tujh jaisa dogla nahi dekha maine, kiska fan hai tu? Sunny? Ya ab mithun ka bhi ban gya? Hr deserved a national award for kmg, lakshya,guzaarish, was unlucky not to win one.

answered by Assistant Director (58.7k points)
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Whoever Has Commented This Must Be A Cinema Retard. National Award For KMG, Lakshya & Guzaarish! Then Why Not For Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon Or Aap Mujhe Acche Lagne Lage? LOL.

answered by Casting Director (19.4k points) 1 flag

Tum mere ho, aatank hi aatank were national award worthy.

Aamir can easily outact dilip kumar......whoever said this is thr biggest cinema retard of all times.

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