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The movie is being directed by Jon Favreau, who just directed the massively successful The Jungle Book. The Lion King is on another level all together. The most successful animated movie of the modern era. It is engrained in the mind of several generations. It's Broadway adaptation is the highest grossing musical ever. Disney is on a roll right now. The opening of Beauty and the Beast shows just how much demand there is for these types of movies.

If Disney was to get this movie ready in time for Christmas 2019, and assuming there is no Avatar or Star Wars movie coming on that date, do you think this movie can become the Highest Grossing film of all time? I think it can. At least in North America it would be a damn near guarantee. What are your views?
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You Just Made My Day. By Far The Best Adaption Of Shakespeare's Classic. Not Only In North America, It Can Create Wonders Like Jungle Book In India Too. Simba Is Also Quite A Famous Character.
Boxoffice Wise, The Original One Was Just Behind Jurrasic Park At That Time. I Wish This One Beats Jurrassic World 2 To Make The Things Even.

answered by Production Accountant (25.7k points)
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I too love TLK, my third most favourite movie ever.

If Jon Favreau can just handle all the pressure and even make an above average movie people all around the world will go crazy. If he manages to make a great movie, all bets are off.

I don't think JW2 will hold a candle to JW, the nostalgia factor has already been cashed in, and sequels to mega performers almost always decline (Age of Ultron, TDKR, PoTC 3).

Jon Favreau Is A Trusted Director With Iron Man Franchise. And I Believe JW2 Will Be Even Bigger Hit Than JW In North America.

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