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Before Hum Aapke Hain Koun happened, Madhuri starred in 46 movies and  she had only nine hits to her credit. She also gave 26 flops including 6 disasters.
In his 4 years career, Salman had an ATBB in Maine pyar KIYA with an unknown co-star like Bhagyashree as the heroine and hits like Saajan, Sanambewafa and Baaghi.
Source Link: old BOI ibos
related to an answer for: Who is more responsible for hahk sucess?
in Opinion by Executive Producer (66.2k points)
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Salman was a disaster solo hero back then giving 7 back to back disasters.................


Yes same like srk now a disaster hero kyun tauu g jitna nonesence bhako get utna krara jawaab milayga tujay don't worry tell me one thing then y the hell madhuri did not make anjaam, thanedaar,wajood,hum tmharay he in sanam ,mohabbat ,dil tera ashiq and many more blockbusters leave alone ATBB actually u r retard pta nai kyun abi tak ZINDA ho 2008 main mar kyun nai bye coz ur every comment starts from 92 so by this logic u should have expired in 2008 itself

8 Answers

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I think this futile debate must be ended now no one can take anything away from salman for hahk success

As it is Bollywood is a male dominated industry and rightly so bcz there is huge gap of collections between films having male actor in lead compared to female ones

No doubt Madhuri is a vital part of Hahk and other actors should also get credit along with director and other crew members But people will always call hahk salman khan's movie period

by Unit Manager (39.2k points)
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+5 votes

In those Big hits ..
Ram lakhan it was all about Anil & Jackie's film where Madhuri had less screen presence than Rakhi maa ..
regarding Hahk, Salman ka Stardom without Hahk ke baghair bhi khayam tha aur Khayam rahega .. p
Madhuri had pivotal role only in Beta, Khalnayak, Mrityudand, Gajagamini, Anjam etc
& the same Madhuri also did Dil tera Aashiq a disaster with Salman ...

by Editor (85.5k points)

Tridev, Ram Lakhan, Kishen Kanheiya where Anil in double role and Shilpa Shirodkar etc are multistarrers

+3 votes

Acha kiya rancho ne answer de diya nai toh madhuri ki bohat dhulai huni thi mere answer main

by Production Accountant (25.4k points)
0 votes

Her name came before Salman's in the credit this proves she was bigger then Salman during HAHK.

by Director (133k points)

Deepika 's name also came before SRK in ce


Since SRK started this trend of actress name before her...............


Srk ne ye trend 94 main hi shuru krdiya tha kya anjaam se ya madhuri was bigger than srk tauu g

0 votes

I Would Say The Same Thing I Had Commented In The Related Post.
In The Credits, Madhuri's Name Rolled Before Salman's. I Don't Need To Elaborate Further. Also For A Change, Heroine Was Paid More Than Hero. Shameless Reality & You Guys have To Live With It.

by Production Accountant (27.4k points)

Hahaha rajat kyun dhulai krwanay ajata tu yaar give me one single proof on it madhuri was paid more retard even boi confirmed that madhuri was paid 30 lac and salman 50 lac ab there liye 30 lac bigger hai coz u r retard soul


What Proof Do You Need? BOI Knows More Or Co-Actor Like Anupam Kher Knows What Amount His Colleagues Were Paid Off For A Movie?


Fir co actor toh amir k liye b bohat bura boltay he is jeleaous chops other actors role etc kya maan Len fir hum unki baat bolo rajat babu anupam ko toh apni fee ka pta nai hoga kitni mili thi salman ki khak pta hoga these money talks always remain secret between actor and director/producers they never leak that is working policy anupam is tukka lgaying its not true at all


Why Would Anupam Lie About That? Despite Knowing That His Next Film Was With Salman Only At That Time. Anyway I Won't Argue With You As You Want To Live In Your Dream Bubble And Don't Want To Face This Dirty Reality.

0 votes

5.5 feet only............

by Unit Manager (31.6k points)

salman ki aukaat ali film mein kya hua disaster

–3 votes

Without Hahk salman would have retired Sooraj Barjatya is responsible for salman in bollywood but opening day collection of Karan Arjun was more than final total of his next after Hahk confirming his disaster status without top directors.salman after Hahk disaster. Madhuri after Hahk blockbuster with newcomer difference in stardom

by Location Manager (5.2k points)

In that way Prakash Mehra is responsible for Amitji in film industry... And BTW, Sunny paazi has delivered 20+ disasters after ATBB Gadar - ek tukka katha... So tauji disasters ki baatein naa hi karo toh behtar hai.


And that Blockbuster was with the director of Dil and Beta and the last solihit of her career which was finished with 12 Hits of 66 movies including multiactress starrers Tridev,Ram Lakhan, Kishen Kanheiya,Dil To Pagal Hain, Devdas and films named after male actors like Beta,Raja ,Khalnayak etc.

–5 votes

But Sooraj Barjatya Confirms that HAHK Belongs To Madhuri.

by Camera Operator (8.3k points)

Hahaha. Aise excuse to Haters dete hain. Atleast you all should thank Madhuri because she Saved the Career of Megastar Salman Khan

Also @seinfeld same statement applies to you.


Madhuri's 1994 released film collected much more than Srk's 2017 release... Gigastarni Madhuri>>>>>Srk.


How does that apply to me. A Salman Khan fan.

Salman has given an atbb in 2015. Last time srk saw that was two decades ago. 8-9 blockbusters. If you live in the present, Salman Khan is number 1 everywhere. Srk is a washed up star.

How does that statement apply to me?


Balatkar par balatkar ho rahi hai bichare par..

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