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If rumours are to be believed, Aamir Khan has earned Rs 175 crores from his mammoth blockbuster Dangal. A source close to the film reportedly said, "Aamir has earned a humongous Rs 175 crore (approx) from the film with the kind of profit-sharing partnership he entered into with co-producers Disney UTV. He took Rs 35 crore upfront and he also took 33 per cent of partnership as he always does for his films. And will take 33 per cent royalty in whatever money the film earns in the future, including satellite rights.
Source Link: http://www.filmfare.com/news/you-wont-believe-how-much-aamir-khan-reportedly-earned-from-dangal-19358.html
asked in Box Office Related by Casting Director (16.8k points)
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answered by Production Accountant (25.7k points)
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175 crore usne le gaya toh UTV wale kya le gaya. Thullu.

answered by Executive Producer (68.8k points)

Funny Thing Is You Fans Need To Mention Salman Is No 1 Again & Again While Boxoffice Does The Talking For Aamir.

Rajat babu tum se na ho payga

Rickshawala zyada bhauk mat

Chaprasi tu bhi zyada bhauk mat ....
jis din tera amir no.1 banega na tab baat karna ..

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Not true for sure...

answered by Location Manager (5.7k points)
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False reporting 100% PR news let's calculate. India share 185cr overseas 85cr music home vedio 30cr satellite 70cr coz sultan was 65 cr so total income is 370cr now exclude budget of the movie. 70 cr + 20cr PP so total 90cr budget 370-90=280cr now I m assure amir is also working on 50% profit share of total income like salman khan so 280/2 = 140 cr so amir will get 140cr approx from dangal not 175 cr that is total rubbish news

answered by Casting Director (19.7k points)

That Doesn't Mean You Can Get Away After Blabbering Nonsense.

@rajat 55% Kyunki?

Aamir Khan Usually Takes 55-60% Profit Share From His Every Movie.

Overseas share 95? What r u made 207 cr overseas 95 share shares won't b more than 80-85cr

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