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Ghajini (then atbb) surpassed by Dabangg (also then atbb)

3i(3.17 ff and atbb) d3(2.97 ff and atbb) surpassed by Sultan (3.25 cr and bb)

Pk (3.5 ff and atbb) surpassed by BB (3.54 cr and atbb)

Can salman again topple aamir dangal (3.7 ff est and atbb)

My bet is on tubelight
asked in Opinion by Casting Director (17.9k points)
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4 Answers

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Salman Khan usually gets one or two weeks of free run.... Because his movies release during the most crowded time of the year from East to West to North to south. And Aamir khan gets month of free run....
For first week salman Khan has record to over 2cr footfalls....2 movies... And no other actor including Aamir Khan hasn't achieved that... Even once Now you do the math.

O and if you bring dabangg 2 up.... Then the reason why dabangg 2 didn't become all time grosser is because it was better than 3idiots and pk and dangal and ghajini and sholay and mughle azam.

Dabangg 2 wasn't even worthy of 50cr and it did 150cr

You ask why.... Because its word of mouth was second best after 3idiots.....
Well it's second week was second biggest ever.

Either it was best movie after 3idiots or it had free 2nd week with holidays. Like all other Christmas releases.

An average Salman Khan movie on Christmas will be bigger grosser than excellent movie of Aamir Khan.

Salman Khan still has the biggest hit on Christmas... Than any of the current actors. MPK

answered by Director (120k points)
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Tanveer Bhai neerja release 700screen and lifetime 78cr agger 4000screen phe release Hua tho Kya 300cr karegi Kya?

Tanveer Bhai if sultan 1month free open week hogi fer v 320cr cross nehi karta....

Sultan 330-340cr krti AGR two weeks free run milta 3-4 open weeks ki toh kya hi baat hai

Bhai if neerja release 4000 screen plz predict lifetime collection?or TWMR release 4000 screen then predict collection?

+6 votes

Yes Salman will do that Inshallah I'm feeling Tubelight will do 3.7-3.8cr footfalls if eid falls on Monday then 300cr will be done in 10 days flat inshallah

answered by Location Manager (7.5k points)
+4 votes

Tubelight is the best bet to become ATG than TZH ...
So hopefully Tubelight withstands on the expectations what we have then it will be great fun to see the records get shattered left right & centre ...

answered by Executive Producer (62.9k points)
+1 vote

Tubelight is the movie. I doubt Kabir khan's writing skills but still he is a pretty decent director. Tb will do 350cr lt domestic. Will go past PK but will fall short of Dangal.

answered by Assistant Director (59.3k points)

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