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One Question often clicks my mind regarding Superstars and thier films appeal. Read Inside

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First of all SUPERSTARS are known for Big event films and films which are to Be enjoyed By one and all. 


Currently only 2 Superstars are fulfilling the demands of Indian audience. So why other Superstars arent following the same ? I mean dont they get the FACT that Universal appealling films + Content are working more than Limited audience appealling films. 


Akshay - He tried Universal appealling films like Boss, Khiladi786, Gabbar is Back, SIB but they didnt worked only due to not looking a big event film or say those films content didnt clicked despite Universal. So main problem is the content. Films like BABY Airlift Rustom Jolly LLB2 these kind of films are HIT By Multiplex audience while the masses arent enjoying him since 2 yrs due to no appealling film to them. Now Robot2 is coming but its a Tamil film at first. Why cant he make similar in Hindi like Great canvas film with Universal appeal like Blue had ? Upcoming films like Padman, Toilet etc are again for those high end plex audience.



MNIK (less appeal), 

RaOne (had appeal lekin failed as per expectations and it did very good collections). 

Don2 (limited with not much for Families) 

JTHJ (clash and had potential of 150cr than 101cr if solo though content was mixed). 

Chennai Express (Family film and records are here). 

Happy New Year (Family film and records are here). 

Dilwale (super openings and then let down due to content and alongwith more appreciation for rival film). 

FAN (good opening lekin again limited which is of no use) 

Raees (clash and limited unlike for families). 

The Ring (Better appealling than FAN Raees lekin wont Be for Masses from Monday). 

Dwarf (only movie to score huge due to INDIAN FLAVOUR)


Hrithik Roshan:


First of all he does less movies and upon that limited appeal films like ZNMD Mohenjodaro Kaabil types . He should concentrate more of Krrish and Agneepath type of films if he is coming after few years. Orelse these young kids will go ahead as they will grow as Strong fanbase actors.


Films like Bajrangi PK Sultan Dangal why they worked recently ? Due to INDIAN Flavour + Emotional connect to the audience. Now Tubelight will also follow the same. So why these factors cant be understood by the above mentioned actors who are doing limited appealling films which wont give them the status what they actually deserve. Iam i right ?

asked Mar 18, 2017 in General by iamkhan8970 Producer (110,263 points)
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Agneepath was not a universal movie ... It was massy movie

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Simple reason.... Salman Khan has to earn money in order to support being human.... Thats why he's doing commercial movies .... Or bigg boss, or awards performances, or tours.

AAMIR Khan is accepted for doing something new.... So he does that everytime. Minus dhoom 3

Hrithik Roshan, srk... Do movies jin main unhein kick milti hai.... They do movies for themselves... Regardless k wo universal hai ye limited appealing.

Hrithik roshan rejected.. Baahubali, bajrangi bhaijaan, main hoon na, paani, sshuddhi, thug, rang de basanti, Delhi 6, karan malhotra's next.... Look how big these movies are / we're.... He's not mentally well or is beyond human understanding.

Plus srk do easy movies.... He can't do sultans dangals. Through out his life(career) he's been going easy movies.... Remember what explanation he gave for not doing bhag milkha bhag?? ( ......)
Or why he did swades or paheli...
And now he's persistent on doing ra. One sequel.... Just to satisfy his own will.... Even after knowing how bad audience rejected it... Because he does movies only for his own self.

P. S. Agneepath, boss, Singh is being, ... Khiladi786 these are not universal movies..... These are limited only to masses.

answered Mar 18, 2017 by Grand Nova Star (150,339 points)
selected Mar 23, 2017 by iamkhan8970
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answered Mar 18, 2017 by Irdwhelp Editor (82,435 points)
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Agree. Hrithik takes too much time to make a movie and ends up rejecting 10 of them in the process. Now thankfully he has a movie in 2018 as well as 2019.

answered Mar 18, 2017 by Intense Director (122,104 points)

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