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Trapped - Pure Idiocy
Saturday 18 March 2017 11.00 IST
Box Office India Trade Network
There was a film called Trapped yesterday and it looked bad enough from the poster and a rip off of some foreign film but that was not just it. As reports came out yesterday it appears that the film has only one person in the film. This is just pure idiocy and can only happen this industry. Even if a film has just Salman Khan or Shahrukh Khan it still won't be able to find an audience and here it is expected that Rajkumar Rao will find an audience. It can't get more ridiculous that as even a liked actor will not find an audience just by himself. In fact put just the three Khan's in one film and it will still be a dud. Its insane to think that just one character can take a story forward (ff Trapped has one) and engage the audience.
Its possible that the makers have made the film for themselves and their reviewer type of friends and that is fair enough but then why release it for public consumption and that too on 300 screens. There were three bad film released this week in Aa Gaya Hero, Machine and Trapped but the difference is that if you get a bigger cast in Aa Gaya Hero and Machine they might have got an audience but Trapped would only get one result even with the biggest stars.
There was a film in 1964 called Yaadein which only had one artis and it was known face in Sunil Dutt but the film still bombed very badly and this Trapped will be watched by even less people than Yaadein (1964).

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asked in Movie Discussions by Producer (104k points)
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i like this bold n troller kinda BOI.....its fun.....
'Even if a film has just Salman Khan or Shahrukh Khan it still won't be able to find an audience and here it is expected that Rajkumar Rao will find an audience.'
'In fact put just the three Khan's in one film and it will still be a dud.'

4 Answers

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Thank God they didn't use the word European in this article .

answered by Cinematographer (96.4k points)
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Life of PI had a tiger and one person basically for whole film. Still did 60ish cr in India.

answered by Star (158k points)
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I agree with their statement regarding releasing it in 300 screens. After watching the trailer, i thought why the makers made a feature film. Why not a short film.These kind of films are not made for big screen experience. It will never work even with the biggest stars/actors.

answered by Assistant Director (46.3k points)
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Then how the film 127 hours earned money. BOI lunatic admins has gone full retard. No sense of cinema and art.

answered by Executive Producer (63.2k points)

I agree with you. But calling it idiotic is like closing the door for different cinemas. You can't just make masala and regular genre film.

agree.....but BOI ka point parallel cinema ko stop krna nhn h....jst budget ko control krna h.....mjhe bhi pehlay bohat ghusa charta tha BOI ki commentary par....but i realized that they r also right......its about business also,.......don't make money, but don't lose it either......masala films r the reason why industry flourished so much, even if we hate masala films......Kabir made Bajrangi after masala ETT which can be called as a pathetic film......but Trapped was never gonna recover its costs even if 5crore budget is there......but they should have made a film like this in 1,2 crore......if SRK can take jst 25000 rupees for KHKN, then why can't these so called artists.....don't know though if Rajkumar compromised for this film......but these kinda films should be team effort with everybody working for the art literally so that nobody loses money

Budget won't go above 2 cr. You see they made Raman Raghav 2.0 at budget of 3 crores, but they spend equal money on PR. This time they literally have spent nothing on advertisement or PR. So, see if it makes any growth further in weekend and how does it sustain thereafter. But, I don't know how BOI will verdict it. It's not gonna loss money,if not making any, anyway.
Above all, it's all about experiment and taking bold step. If you fear so much of failure you could have no movies like The Lunchbox or Dev-D or even GOW. Success is not guaranteed with experiment.
BOI commentary is still worse when it comes to small experimental movie. Because they will never tell you that if Phantom isn't making any money then who is funding them money to make movies? ISIS or Dawd?

haha....yeh baat bhi thek hai....they called GOW with 28, 29cr of business as flops......you hv a point......if films r not losing money that it is really good.....n BOI should review its commentary......but they r very good at criticizing Imtiaz Ali, Anurag Kashyap, Zoya Akhtar

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