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asked in General by Assistant Director (53.6k points)
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and telugu version is 7th most watched YOUTUBE in the world.

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Jai Mahishmati!!!!!!

Well deserved records for the Well Deserved Most Awaited Film of the Year....
Seriously...even the folks who never watched any Telugu Hindi Dubbed films(forget abt watching Telugu Original).....are so excited for this final part....that they are even ready to watch it in Telugu/Tamil version (with subtitles) ....if for any reason Hindi version is not released in theaters in their respective cities/hometown........

So Get Ready!!!!!

Just for Trivia.....

S. Rajamouli was there in Bahubali Part1 for couple of minutes as a Guy who gives Daaru/Drinks/Whisky/Thaara to Bahubali when they go to a city/thieves to find the traitor .....

And as per rumors He will be there again in Part 2...but as a different character......

answered by Production Accountant (27.6k points)
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