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Karan Johar - "'Baahubali 2 - The Conclusion' is the most anticipated film in the country. It's a proud moment for me. It's a pan-India film. Full credit to Rajamouli sir, he's made a universal film. It is meant for single-screens and multiplexes both. It is destined for a historic run at the box-office.
"Hindi filmmakers can also make a film like 'Baahubali', it's just we haven't done it yet. There are many young directors in my company itself who have been inspired by the film."
collections and how much money the makers are targeting to collect this time around, Shobu Yarlagadda said that the first film didn't make any money for them.
"The cumulative budget of the two films put together is around 400 crores. We are sure that we will make money with the second installment
Source Link: http://m.timesofindia.com/entertainment/hindi/bollywood/news/baahubali-2-the-conclusion-is-destined-for-a-historic-run-at-the-box-office-says-karan-johar-at-the-trailer-launch/articleshow/57672311.cms
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Producer took recovering both film budget. Bahubali 1 recovered around ₹250cr to Producers while cumulative budget of Both film is around 400cr including P & A. Which means they had to recover another ₹150cr from 2nd part.

As it happen Baahubali 2 Worldwide Theaterical rights are sold at ₹350cr which will go up to ₹400cr recovery after adding additional recocery. Ancillary rights are sold at ₹100cr Approx. There will additional income and digital income as Digital Market is in Boom period now. So Baahubali 2 is heading for ₹500-600cr recovery depending how much it overperforms.

In short Arka mediawork will have ₹300cr Profit before Tax.

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Even they manipulated a lot yet no money for them strange then y the hell Atbb tag was given to it? Without any income

answered by Casting Director (19.7k points)

Na you got it wrong... 400cr is the entire budget for both the films. Check Jatinder's answer for the explaination. Here, the producer was talking about covering entire budget.

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