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And what will be his reaction after knowing That Dhoom 3 was ATB,PRDP Hit & Fan a Flop?

asked in Movie Discussions by All Time best! (282k points)
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2 Answers

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Hmmm let me share the excerpts from top rated foreign critics to give you an idea of what they thought...

“Dhoom: 3,” which is dominated completely by charismatic superstar Aamir Khan, who digs into the bruised psyche of his character, Sahir Iqbal, Khan makes the character so compelling that we wait impatiently through the obligatory chase sequences and macho showdowns in order to get back to Sahir in his gaudy backstage lair.

Khan has surely made his mistakes, not least associating with film-makers who were only ever interested in him for his biceps. Yet these last two movies – bringing the best out of this performer, and everyone around him – constitute a pretty wonderful form of community service.

Khan impressively conveys the contrast between the two men — nerdy Gaurav is slight and twitchy, with a distracting overbite, while confident, brooding Aryan has the body language of a panther.

What will they think about box office results?
By the way, all 3 films had got mixed reviews by foreign critics. In fact FAN though praised for Srk's performance, as a film it was pretty much bashed. Similarly Dhoom 3 for Nolan & PRDP for being unoriginal.

answered by Mega Star (234k points)
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Dhoom3: Below average
PRDP- pathetic
Fan- Good attempt

answered by Cinematographer (92.7k points)

My rating is for the movies......

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