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Views about Vivah movie and Shahid's career

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Recently i watched beautiful movie Vivah and fell in love with it Amrita rao is a dream wife for me and im sure im not the only one Shahid was amazing and Brillant work once again by Suraj ji.

I feel extremly sad for shahid kapoor the way he wasted his career such a talented guy he can do romance comedy action serious roles he had potential to be a big star if not super star but he wasted it instead of doing movies like jab we met and vivah he did movies of Vishal Which hardly finds audience and at best can get him semi hit tag he is not even a star and has just 2 clean hits I just hope even now he realises his mistake and corrects it he is still in mid 30s and still can make a turnaround and atleast have 10-15 hits in his career and end up being a star.
asked Mar 16, 2017 in Movie Discussions by Rancho Production Accountant (24,942 points)
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Bhagwan vivah film ki amrita rao jaisi patni dede jeevan safal ho jayega

Yeh kalyug hai aur aisi biwian sirf Barjatyaji ki filmon mein hoti hai....................

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He is my favourite actor after Srk...
I have loved him irrespective of box office draws. I believe he is the most talented material bollywood has ever produced after Amitabh Bachchan.

After watching Jab we met and vivah I became his fan. I think he never took his career seriously. He would have been superstar today had he taken it seriously. The craze after Jab we met and Vivah was phenomenal.

What went wrong ? Shahid kuch toh Karlo....

answered Mar 16, 2017 by Boxofficemaan Assistant Director (43,561 points)
selected Apr 26, 2017 by Rancho

I became his fan after watching vivah he could have been at hritik's level had he made right choices really feel sad for him

oops forget about vivah. obviously vivah is a good family movie, movie is talking about our indian values. my sister and female friends loves shahid. they watch this movie whenever it gets telecasted. he shpould do ;lot of movies.

Yes girls love him even in my tution some girls are crazy for him

He shouldnt waste his carrer and get on right track

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People keep saying that Vishal Bhardwaj ruined his career but Shahid only did three movies with him. The question is where are the successful movies that aren't directed by Vishal. He has no script sense, thats the main issue. Also, now being a star is nearly impossible. Actors only have a limited period of time to endear themselves to audiences and prove themselves capable of taking good openings and having fanbases. Now Shahid is 14 years old in the industry, and he still can't take an opening. So investors would rather take a chance on the plethora of younger actors who still have a chance. Just look at the numbers. So many new actors just come in and immediately surpass Shahid's highest grosser. Tiger did it with just his second movie. I am actually surprised as to why he was cast in Padmavati. He brings no star power and only increases the budget.

answered Mar 16, 2017 by mr.hola Unit Manager (39,043 points)

I think this is bitter truth and its really sad

As regards padmavati may be he is there just for good acting and to be honest he would hardly get credit for padmavati success

first of all i agree shahid almost wasted his career through bad luck and more due to poor script selection. but still there is hope..everyone knows his potential and who said he doesnt get an opening?

Rangoon - everyone knew the genre of the movie and the director--these kinda movies never tend to open well

Udta Punjab - despite being a very dark movie opened with almost 10 crores
Shaandar - the perfect kinda genre that shahid had to try though crashed at bo, luk at the opening - around 12-13 cr

R Rajkumar - a mass commercial movie with better trailer n music- opened toalmost 10 cr again

PPNH - opened to arnd 6 cr that time which was due to genre and good music

All this proves there is still interest and opening for his movies but only if he choses movies like these youngsters u talking about and not a rangoon,haider or udta punjab which shahid does

He still has a decent fanbase and most neutrals love him - so its just a matter of him chosing lighter movies with proper entertaining stuffs- Though Padmavatis succes credit wont go his way, if it succeeds, still shahid would be getting a wider reach or attention yet again which he can capitalize-

A star like varun and tiger with limited talents are getting an opening at boxoffice through pure entertainers just imagine shahid afetr giving few hits--

still its all upto shahid and lets wait and see if he surges up or fades away..

We all know Udta Punjab had all that controversy giving it free marketing. Also Dilijit added a lot of value in Punjab.

Shaandar opened on a holiday, and Alia added a lot of value. And also an example of Shahid's bad luck. The only outright flop of Alia's career came from him.

R Rajkumar had Sonakshi (who was top masala heroine back then), and Prabhu Deva directing, both of them added a lot of value. Plus two chartbusters. Considering Ranbir pulled 20+ cr plus that year despite awful WOM, new heroine, no hit music, I don't think that 10cr is a very big deal.

6cr is not a decent opening for PPNH.

I don't think its fair to call Varun and Tiger limited when they clearly have a better sense of doing movies and public is accepting them. And just to be clear, not picking good movies is not an excuse, it is Shahid's fault and only he is responsible for not making a mark after so many years in the industry.

first of all I agree that its shahids fault for not making a mark at boxoffice..

yeah prabudheva factor helped in the opening of R Rajkumar, but sonakshi? that point of yours is just not making any sense..

udta Punjab got free publicity yes but still the movie was very dark for it to open well and why didn't u mention that its censor print got leaked 3 days back?

am not blaming or trying to bring down varun or tiger ..they are leading next gen actors list but what I said was shahid has potential that is by far than any next gen stars but he needs to capitalize on that to enjoy some boxoffice success.

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