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A salman khan movie can recover 100cr on tv in today's time. PRDP, BB, and now Sultan. Consecutive 7 super weeks.

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Salman Khan’s Sultan, one of the most watched movies in theatres last year, is on a phenomenal run on television. The film has garnered 47,06,000 television viewership ratings, even though it was aired for the 6th time on television.

The total number of people who have watched the film on television has crossed the 4.5 crore mark, which is in addition to more than 3 crore people watching it in theatres.

While we await the television premiere of Dangal, Sultan is currently the most watched film of 2016

The BARC Viewership ratings for the 7 airings of Sultan is as follows:

  • First –  1,13,10,000
  • Second – 60,85,000
  • Third – 55,66,000
  • Fourth – 48,64,000
  • Fifth – 98,02,000
  • Sixth – 47,99,000
  • Seventh – 47,06,000


i think if salman khan makes sher khan..... with production budget of 300cr .... it should be an easy recovery. 

and the kind of film it'll be...........it'll be a huge huge hit with families and children.... even 400cr should be recovered... but only bad thing is............the movie will take a really long time to make.... because ... in salman khan's own words........sher khan requires so much writing....

but i think if it'll be made...... it'll be really really huge...........i mean just look at how jungle book performed in india..... how much people are hungry for that kind of movie....specially children 

asked Mar 16, 2017 in General by Grand Nova Star (150,339 points)
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Wasn't SULTAN an average movie?

answered Mar 16, 2017 by shah Executive Producer (61,556 points)
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Nova mahn kyun sher khan k pichay paday ho leave it mahn sohail can't do justice to sher khan coz of his low direction skills 2nd salman should sell his movies for 100cr each for satellite coz he is 1st choice of families no matter be it 5,10,20,30,50 and 80 years old he is in the hearts of people he is worshiped

answered Mar 16, 2017 by being_tanveer Production Accountant (24,530 points)