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asked in Movie Discussions by Director (127k points)
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hollywood is very stable .... their business doesn't increase for a really really long time.... i mean get this ..1.8 billion of titanic in mid 90s is still only been surpassed twice after twenty years.... bollywood would also have been like that but here ... business / screens are increasing alot every year.... and alongwith those ticket prices also jump ....
when business is changing a movie's all time record cannot stay safe... even if baahubali does 500cr in india.... it wont be called safe .... all time records are gonna keep tumbling ...


all these modern day record making movies run with packed capacity for maxium 10 days or two weeks (3 movies).... so if bollywood comes up with something that can keep its capacity at 80-90 percent for 3-4 weeks without even having to decrease its screening ...then that record can stay for a really really long time....

and how that is gonna happen ??? by giving audience something which they havn't even dreamt of coming from bollywood....a really shocking product... out of ordinary

what i mean is..bollywood usually produces a movie on a budget of 60cr-90cr from a listers........but.. producing something with at least 500cr budget only for production without including actors/director salary and ofcourse real work on screenplay and dialogues. a family movie ... a universal movie. a phenomenon.

if bollywood produces a movie on that level.... that will stay on top for a really really long time

answered by Director (120k points)
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For That, We Already Have Thugs Of Hindostan.
First Bahubali 2 Will Be Aiming To Beat Dhoom : 3's Worldwide Gross Followed By Dangal's. And Then If, Anyhow It Is Breathing, PK Will Be The Target. And Of Course, Provided That Dangal Doesn't See Second Phase Overseas Release In The Meantime.

answered by Casting Director (19.8k points)

Dear rahay dhoom3 ww gross has been crossed by Bb and sultan so Rona dhona chod do D3 ka

ROFL. You Want Bajrangi Bhaijaan To Be Added Everywhere. Dude, Here We Are Talking About All Time Grossers. The Biggest Among The Biggest Blockbusters. There Is No Scope Of BB Or Sultan Here When We Are Comparing ATGs Of Bollywood & Tollywood.

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₹700cr Gross in India and $35mn in Overseas (In overseas take Plus Minus $10mn depending on Distribution) is what I expect for Baahubali. No fuckin film will be even near for 3 Years.

answered by Star (158k points)

5mn Day One in USA is what it aims. Might not do it but it is capable of that.

It won't do that much

Realistic expectations from baahubali 2 if its good but not outstanding like 1st
Hindi - 175-215cr nett (250-300cr gross)
Tamil Telugu - 300-350cr gross
Overseas - 25m$ (170cr gross)
Total - 750-800cr gross if its good.
If its as good as 1st one then sky is the limit. Even 1000cr worldwide gross is possible.

Overseas depends on way they handle Hindi version. Telugu version will be targetting $10-15mn in USA while Tamil will pull around $5mn in Malaysia, Singapore, etc.
Anyways Baahubali 1 itself did ₹290cr in Tamil Telugu & 2nd one needs ₹325cr to Breakeven. I am expecting ₹225cr plus in AP/TG states, ₹80cr Approx in Tamil Nadu which could go upto ₹115cr or higher while ₹75cr Plus in Karanatka. This adds ₹380-450cr for Tamil & Telugu.

As for Malaylam 1st one did 14cr while this will be looking at 30cr plus.
So around ₹410-500cr will be done down south.

Hindi seems sure shot 175cr Nett or 250cr Gross which could extend upto ₹300cr gross.
So ₹650-800cr is my expectations from it.

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Bajrangi Bhaijaan had more Worldwide Gross than Baahubali ...
So whatever Baahubali-2 does can be challenged by Tubelight & TZH ...
therefore ...

answered by Executive Producer (63.1k points)
+1 vote

If BOI working
My Prediction Lifetime Baahubali 2 270-300 cr All Version
Collection kuch bhi ho
Easy hoga Record todne me
Only Difficult
Footfall record Broken!

answered by Set Designer (2.2k points)

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