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Rakesh Roshan was not a superstar so Hrithik did not had any burden of expectations like Abhishek Bachchan

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Dharam and sunny are undoubtedly most successful father son duo ofcourse sunny cant be compared with dharam but sunny was in his different league he was a massy superstar and a top actor of his time

next name is raj kapoor and rishi kapoor though rishi kapoor never got the fame and most importantly the respect which raj kapoor got still he had a successful career and now his son will also be successful overall kapoor family is most legendary family which has prithviraj kapoor, raj kapoor shammi kapoor shashi kapoor rishi kapoor neetu kappor karishma kareena and ranbir as well

Sanjay dutt was also as successful as his father though his controversies stopped him from becomming bigger he hit top league with saajan sadak and khalnayak in early 1990 decade!

Now lets see what sons of Srk And Aamir do we will wait for that

answered by Casting Director (16.7k points)
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If Srk can end up with a super stardom like Salman is holding right now, Aryan Khan will be a superstar in his first movie! of course even now he will be a big star from the first movie itself as he is like the stardkid of Bollywood.

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Shahrukh and Akshay had no godfathers. Veeru Devgan was only a action director. Salim Khan was a scriptwriter. Tahir Hussain was a producer. The excuses of actors made by godfathers are totally baseless. If so Rishi, Kumar Gaurav, Bobby, Abhishek, Uday Chopra, Sohail, Arbaaz, Faisal, SANJAY Kapoor, Amit Kumar, Farhan etc would have been all megastars. But stardom needs hardworking, talent, luck. Salman is convincing in action roles because of his hardwork in bodybuilding despite having a romantic face and not because he is Salim Khan, s son.

answered by Unit Manager (35.2k points)

Very unfair to compare Rishi Kapoor with others who has 20 Hits including many solo Hits with Bobby over 4 crore Footfalls.Even in multistarrers Blockbusters he always had meaty role.

But having a godfather gives you edge initially then its only talent..........................Ajay easily got Phool aur Kaante,Rakesh made KNPH fo his son,Tahir made QSQT,Rajendra Kumar made Love Story.............

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Wrong. Sunny deol never hit it as big as dharam. Sanjay dutt...thanks to his legal turmoils.....was not even a patch on sunil dutt. Rishi.....great actor but no where close to the great raj kapoor. And rk is a PR gimmick.....not counted.

answered by Cinematographer (95.7k points)

But Compare Sunny with Kumar Gaurav,Uday Chopra,Abhishek Bachchan and Party.Don't comapre him to Dharam.Only Sunny is genuine superstar amongst bollywood fraternity

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Neither was Sunil Dutt a Superstar...Rishi Kapoor was a Successful Star but was never Superstar

answered by Cinematographer (99.3k points)

But Sunil Dutt was very respected Actor and part of many Hits.................

Puneet in those days there was no concept of a superstar. That term started with rajesh khanna..sunil dutt had incredible respect......floundered away by his son.

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