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Hit, Blockbuster And All Time Blockbuster Ratio Of Khans

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Hit Ratio-
Srk 27 hits out of 60 (45%)
Aamir 18 hits out of 40 (45%)
Salman 28 hits out of 73 (38%)

Blockbuster ratio-
Aamir 9 out of 40 (22%)
Srk 12 out of 60 (20%)
Salman 14 out of 73 (19%)

All Time Blockbuster Ratio-
Aamir 5 out of 40 (12%)
Salman 3 out of 73 (4%)
Srk 2 out of 60 (3%)

(Note: All information listed above is as per Box Office India,
Decimals have been excluded)
asked Mar 15, 2017 in Box Office Related by Rancho Production Accountant (24,942 points)
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edited Mar 15, 2017 by Rancho

SRK has done 56 Films...............not 60.

According to box office India its 60
Earlier i also wrote 56 but later being tanveer corrected me i also checked you can do the same at present srk has 53 movies till darr add 7 prior to that

I dont need to read this partly correct post to enjoy

All informations listed in my post are 100% correct accept it with a pinch of salt on your wounds or burn in fire of truth and heath of jealousy who cares

Aamir will end his career having best hit bb and atbb ratio he will be only 2nd actor after dilip kumar to have hit ratio of above 50
He will have most atbb atg and will also have most or 2nd most hgotd , hgoty, bhotd, mwfotd

He will be ahead of srk in every single department except no. of hits but even that gap will be less than 10 but gap of major records will be huge

You are spreading false propaganda of aamir having 9 hits when he has many more, aamir at end of career will enter 30 hits club along with 3 khans akki amit and dharam and will also enter 20 bb club along with salman

You will end your life being jelous of aamir's success bcz he will end up being more successful actor than srk period

3 Answers

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Karan Arjun and K3G are as good as All Time Blockbusters.

answered Mar 15, 2017 by Baazigar All Time best! (283,032 points)
selected Feb 2 by Rancho
+1 vote

Hopefully Salman will lead in all the formats
ie most no of Hits ..... already leading
most no of BB's ....... already leading
& lastly most no of ATBB's .... though its tough

 but not impossible if either Tubelight/ TZH 
 happens to be an ATBB & in nxt coming yrs 
 he may equal with Aamir & take a lead later..

p.s im not saying that he will better in the % /

  ratio as he has already done more films thn
  other 2 Khans ..
answered Mar 15, 2017 by Irdwhelp Editor (80,649 points)

Salman will have 2nd most no. of hits after dharmendra and will have 40 hits along with amit and dharam he will have most no. of blockbusters around 25 and talking abt atbb and atg he will be 2nd after aamir

aamir will have 30 hits and aroud 20 bb at end of his career and will be among 6 actors to achive 30 hits along with 3 khans akki amit and dharam in terms of bb he will be 2nd after salman
he will have best hit blockbuster and atbb ratio he will also be 2nd actor after dilip kumar to have hit ratio of above 50 he will have most atbb and atg

talking abt hgotd hgoty most watched film and biggest hit of the decade then it will be a toss up between salman and aamir anyone can claim it

@Rancho you made this post relating to Khans so my answer too is related to Khans only ...

+1 vote

Srk done 63 movie not 57 y do u so biased always if u r fond of comparisons then always do with honesty salman did 73 while amir did 41 movies salman 28/73, srk 27/63,amir 17/41 hit ration salman 36/73,srk 38/63,amir 21/41 success ratio salman 14/73, srk 12/63, amir 9/41 bb ratio salman 3/73 ,srk 2/63,amir 4/41 atbb ratio I don't consider d3 atbb coz later in this decade boi will demote it to bb that will b the unbiased and correct comparison for than trio

answered Mar 15, 2017 by being_tanveer Production Accountant (23,529 points)
edited Mar 15, 2017 by being_tanveer

Yes i have checked its 60 for srk and 73 for salman so im updating my post (aamir here also has 40 hits bcz in reality he didnt do more than 40 movies)

OK as u wish but in my count amir did 41 movies till qsqt

Lol u must be using jaado or laal mirchi calculator

and its not my wish that is listed in movie sites which are not owned by me

i dont know from where you got 1 more movie for aamir when it doesnt even exist

Hahahaha lol u bhai

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