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taran adarsh
Akshay Kumar to play Gulshan Kumar in

Mogul ... The biopic on the music mogul is produced by his wife Sudesh Kumari... A TSeries film...


7 Answers

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Akki films in year 2018 :-
1) Crack,
2) Gold,
3) Mogul,
4) Salman-Karan Johar next.

by Producer (111k points)
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Pad Man: Akshay Kumar begins another journey
+2 votes

The unstoppable Akshay Kumar has signed yet another film and this one’s going to be a big film. Titled ‘Mogul’, Akshay will be living the role of the man behind T-Series, Gulshan Kumar.

The announcement came from T-Series official handle “We proudly present the story of the emperor of music, Gulshan Kumar in Mogul starring Akshay Kumar director Subhash Kapoor, produced by Sudesh Kumari”

Times of India quoted Akshay as saying “I had the good fortune of knowing Gulshanji well and had a close association with him right from my first film ‘Saugandh’. We both shared many things in common and come from a similar background. I am very excited to play him on screen”

Director Subhash Kapoor expressed his disbelief over getting a chance to do a biopic on Gulshan Kumar.

“When Vikram Malhotra shared the idea of the film with me, it was a feeling of disbelief. I always told my team that the one story I would love to make a movie on was Gulshanji’s and here I am doing just that” the Jolly LLB 2 director said.

by Second Unit Director (73.8k points)

What are your plans for this film ?


wait and watch ..................................


wait and watch ..................................Something different...

+2 votes

....kya choti choti filmein karta hai ye aadmi akshay.....
T series k sath to bilkul nahe karni chahiye thi.......
bhushan kumar dunia ka sabse kanjoos insaan hai...agar avatar bhe produce karay to wo bhe 1,2 crore main nipta dai.

akshay should not do this type of films.

by Star (151k points)

Perhaps u dont know who gulshan kumar is......content makes a film. Not budget.


Intense: mostly they produce crap films....only thing that Subhash Kapoor is here

+1 vote

Nice...but why every time I see that poster and that face looks like Srk's face.

by Director (135k points)

But it reminded me of Aditya Roy Kapur's look from ACTION REPLAYY.

+1 vote

What a line up for akshay in 2017...... choosing very good scripts. If all of them work, he can have a crack at the top 3 as well

by Director (121k points)
+1 vote

to be honest , the film Akshay have already signed this one looks a poor one to me , may be it turn out to be a good one , but biopics are meant to be not that successful plus biopic of Gulshan Kumar , dont know how it goes ........... All the best to Akki

by Assistant Director (43.2k points)
0 votes

Oh...thats really good...so are they gonna address nepotism now??will they show how they made auto-tune Tulsi Kumar a singer......every person in the World can sing better than Tulsi Kumar
Will they address how they made that Divya Kholsa Kumar director.....
how much she brags abt herself.....most funny interviews award 2016 she deserved crushing Himesh Reshammiya nominated with his favorite line 'jb aadmi 600 Hit ganay dy chuka ho to us py bohat pressure hota h'
Will they address why they brought Khushali Kumar to Earth??Why.......though she did narrate her beautiful moment at the end of her crap song that how she went into that sad phase while giving that final shot n even after camera cut was called, she couldn't jst leave her character .......terrific actress she is.....Kajol kya chez hai
n biggest i want to know through this biopic that how many Kilos of BESHARMI u need to be able to write abt Divya for Sanam Re promos 'WITH YAARIYAAN SHE CREATED HISTORY'
how did they manage to even make Pulkit Samrat also dislikable through interviews when sitting along with Divya Khosla Kumar while Yami Gautam acted like kahan 2gadhoon mein aa kr phas gayi.......a guy who had a chance to make it big in Bollywood had he not done Sanam Re
n how u release reviews of your own film with every thing hunky dory....how u do that T-series??
Last, how many years we have to wait to see born Legend Ruhaan Bhushan Kumar (Pulkit calls him 'Luhaan Kumar'....its a joke....laugh) to make his acting or direction debut...or maybe singing too.....multi-talented bachay hain saray k saray....multi-talented.....bs nazar na lag jaye kahen
biopic banay gi ab in py.....lol.....negative-nepotism ka baap....hoping Akshay drops this project..sanity prevails n no big actor should do this film.....Divya Khosla should try a moustache herself n then she will nail this role

by Unit Manager (33.1k points)
edited by