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Once srk said that Salman makes the way and we follow. Right ! MPK revived romantic genre and then SRK took this genre to complete new level.

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Srk is really a humble guy. Who never stop praising others !!!
asked Mar 14, 2017 in General by Boxofficemaan Assistant Director (43,561 points)
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Yes I agree, in fact both QSQT and MPK revived music and romance in films which was dead in the 1980's when Bacchan was ruling the roost, but MPK was a much bigger cult, it began the romantic era, followed by films like aashique and then later DDLJ.

answered Mar 14, 2017 by Intense Director (122,965 points)
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Qayamat as qayamat tak ko bhool gaye bhaisaab ?

answered Mar 14, 2017 by Charlie runkle™ Director (122,996 points)

QSQT is a smaller hit in comparison to MPK.
MPKs influence is way bigger over Indian audience. QSQT was typical romeo juliet tragedy based film which has negligible influence.

MPK was a tsunami man.
Who can forget all time great chemistry of Salman - Bhagyashree ?
Chemistry was a rage all Over India.

Yeah man I agree that mpk is a bigger hit but qsqt was equally popular among the youths of that time ..Family audience gave a miss to qsqt because juhi chawla's lips got sucked many a times in the film . And if we talk about romance genre then we have to bring the youths in the discussion because mature audience give a shit to romance , romance is dead in matures cause they only like $ex , whereas youths like romance + $ex ..So taking youths into consideration ..Qsqt was equally popular in comparison to mpk .

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Bhai Saab srk humble ab hi hua hai jab huna chahye tha tab toh hua nai I'm the king I'm the best nobody can beat me I will destroy them if ur best am little better than u yeh sab aik humble insaan hi bol skta srk jaisa ab humble hua toh kiya hua he should b humble when he was on his peak 2000-2007 ab iska koi faida nai jab in San ko failure ka samna krna pdta tab humble ho hi jata maza tab hai humble tab ho jab prime pe ho insaan

answered Mar 14, 2017 by being_tanveer Production Accountant (24,536 points)

Mahn. This is the quality of a champions. You should see Australian cricket greats, or Usain Bolt, Michael Jordan speaking.
There is no sin in praising self when one is at the top. It give boost to your attitude...

tanveer: u don't know SRK enough to be commenting here......either u were not interested in SRK or a kid who tries now to see some of the kickass interviews of past times or even present......all greats, almost all greats have that thing of self-belief.....some call it ego....i 6,7yrs ago used to call it ego also......but they mostly have a humble side too.....n u hv missed the old humble SRK thats why thinking that it is because of SRK's not so good position on boxoffice

Yes I had watched many such kind of interviews of srk stating himself world biggest superstar,no.1 nobody can beat me I will destroy them he is not a humble person at all he was so arrogant coz his movies working then during ra.1 someone asked him about reason behind movie named ra.1 he said 1 stats my position in the industry actually he was fooling himself I'm watching his movies since 98 you heard even someone like dilip k,amitabh ,salman amir even said once they are no.1 etc Log unko no.1 boltay hn aur yehi sabse bda in a am hota humbleness ka srk was self proclaimed king/worlds biggest star etc actually he was not he always flattered for noting

apparently u hate SRK n thats why i know nobody can convince u what SRK is......''during ra.1 someone asked him about reason behind movie named ra.1 he said 1 stats my position in the industry'' ...my first reaction after reading this Ra.One thingy from u is ....n he also said G for Gauri....yaar bs kr dy.....mzaq bhi koi chez hoti h...there r other instances where u can say he acted arrogant n i will accept it.......the arrogant part u r talking abt, he is still like that......he believes he is the BEST n explains this theory in a beautiful way he learned during Fauji serial shooting.....n BEST not always in terms of belittling another person....but jst believing in urself.....almost all greats i hv ever heard or tried a little to dig into r narcissists.......
''you heard even someone like dilip k,amitabh ,salman amir ''
Amitabh: is he the same guy who posted KBC low ratings with SRK.....can there be any other better way to show ur jealousy n wanting to be considered undisputed???
Dilip Kumar: atleast i hv heard one story of his where he is reportedly said 'only once i told anyone that i m Dilip Kumar' ....n the problem he had for ego as Superstar Dilip Kumar n still not being recognised....but i think overall he was too sweet as star.....but still u have that thing in urself of being a successful person n wanting others to recognize it
Salman: i don't know no.1 wala point abt him......but watch him talk abt his acting with Anupama Chopra during Dabangg 2......like really??does he believe himself to be something very natural??.....even SRK is arrogant abt his acting skills.....but post 2000, i don't remember much of SRK talking abt his own acting like this.....but this a small point
most arrogant remarks of him being the boss or him being a superstar r e.g. when he went onto explain how Imam in Bigg Boss came to him with shaky hands etc....i enjoyed as fan of Salman n SRK that Imam was trolled ...but it was not needed...u provoke Salman a little, n he will go all out to show all the stardom he has got.....arrogance define krtay hain Salman bhai
then what he said abt SRK 'mjhe Sir bulata tha' ....yeh kya cheap remark tha??to show how powerful he is or was......this is arrogance
n Aamir.......now this is most funny territory u gave me to play......have u seen him call himself ACE when somebody called SRK as King infront of him??....should i share that interview here or u need to spend 1,2yrs more on youtube to find who is who in Bollywood
n for narcissim, the greatest of all time Muhammad Ali is the biggest example.....n he was not jst a bluffmaster.....he used to say it, but reality was also that he was hailed by many as the greatest ever sportsman on Earth

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Prem of Maine Pyar Kiya managed to connect on such a level with the audience that it is still incomparable for a lead role debut actor before or after and made Salman hearthrob of millions. The word of mouth of MPK spread like wildfire and soft romantic movies began to follow. QSQT first paved d way. Papa kehte hain was a rage then

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