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Tubelight- 230 Crore Super Hit Footfalls 2.4 Crore

Tiger is back- 260 Crore Blockbuster Footfalls 2.65 Crore


Tubelight- 330 Crore Blockbuster Footfalls 3.3 Crore

Tiger is back- 360 Crore  All Time Blockbuster Footfalls 3.65 Crores 

Worst Case(Highly unlikely)

Tubelight- 175 Crore Semi Hit Footfalls 1.8 Crore

Tiger is back- 205 Crore  Hit Footfalls 2 Crores 

asked in General by All Time best! (282k points)
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Do u agree..........................

6 Answers

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Best answer

Positive tubelight will do 375cr and ffs will b more than dangal negative only two open weeks and low rates while for TZH positive is 350cr and ffs will b 3.25+ while negative will b only content and expressions of miss KAT

answered by Casting Director (17.3k points)
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Positive expectations from. Tubelight
1. It will be better than bajrangi bhaijaan as a movie
2. Salman Khan will be called a hugely underrated actor after this.
3. It will be best movie of the year... By a distance
4. Its scale will be biggest ever (till TZH)
5. Sohail Khan will surprise everyone
6. It's second week will be 150cr

Negative expectations from tubelight
1. Movie might not stay realistic

Positive expectations from Tiger Zinda Hai
1. Scale bigger than anything bollywood has ever produced
2. Smart action... Strategically
3. Visually gorgeous
4. Music
5. Style
6. First 11 days scoring 330cr

Negative expectations from Tiger Zinda Hai
1. Shaky cameras
2. Bits and pieces comparison to Hollywood thrillers like shooter / Bourne
3. Katrina kaif doing action
4. Movie being over 2. 15 hours
5. Media calling it Hollywood ripoff

answered by Director (137k points)
+2 votes

Tubelight ::--
Maximum - 350 as eid isn't as big as Xmas
Minimum ---280 worst case

Tiger zinda hain ::--
Maximum ---380
Minimum ----230 if clashed and dutt biopic better

answered by Unit Manager (30.3k points)
+2 votes

like Sultan 330 cr
Like Bajrangi Bhaijaan 400 cr

answered by Location Manager (5.2k points)
+1 vote

Tubelight. Leave it man.
Aajkal patriotic filmo ka jamana hain .
Plus Salman And Kabir. Zande toh gadegi hi. WOM doesn't matter. It will be a huge success.

I hope it crosses Dangal...

TZH. The buzz for this movie is going to be the biggest ever bolywood has ever seen. Film will open to occupancy more than ETT/Dabangg...

answered by Assistant Director (43k points)
0 votes

Tubelight 390 cr
TZH 410 cr

Tubelight 250
TZH 240

answered by Production Accountant (20.8k points)

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