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asked in Opinion by Camera Operator (8.3k points)
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K3G just edged out HAHK.CDI just edged out RDB.Any more.Name other 5 movies which r being claimed.MHN/VZ didn't beat K3G.In logo se koi honesty ki umeed nahi kar sakta.

Actually it is Aamir with 7 ATHG since 2000 in mysore


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Bhai kya baat hai inki ye kuch b edit kr sktay fake edits twitter pe ghoomtay rehtay srk fans k khud ko khush krtay rehtay just to degrade others success but in vein yehi dekh lo shakti,billu,dz srk ki movies nai but darr and deewana srk ki hain trimurthi srk ki hai coz it opened big but fan offbeat thi coz it opened below the mark on semi holiday bhaiya inko ink haal pe chod do they are in oblivion

answered by Casting Director (17.3k points)
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Are 2014 ke question pe kyun uchhal raha hai....................................

answered by All Time best! (282k points)

uchalne ki baat nahi hai,lies aur manipulation ki hai.
jhoothe claims kiye jaa rahe hai to prove him superior while he is not.

Name 5 other movies,i want to know their name.

Srk fans are famous for spreading wrong informations creating fake records inflating numbers they are not most hated fan base for nothing they degrade rivals of their star and overpraise their fav star and when it comes to exaggeration none can compete with them period

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