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1. Logan (2017): 7/10 This is how you make a great end to an iconic character whom we've been watching on silver screen for years. The most beautiful thing of the movie is story itself which completely justifies end of Wolverine. Story is linear and avoids any sort of complexity, there is not much of desirable twists and turns. Albeit that makes the story predictable for some instances, but it never misses the point and is very clear about what it wants audiences to watch. What I love here is lead character Logan is not all about showing off his superhero powers, but he has human characteristics as well who thinks about casualties before performing any action. He may become older and weaker but he is not coward. Portrayal of superhero who is going through great dilemma and fighting his inner conflict with outer conflict gives it more humanlike attributes, that's rarely you get to see in a superhero movie. Also, the movie carries on story mostly as this instalment has least action sequences among all X-Men franchise movies. There is no hotchpotch and bullshiting of brainless actions. Even if you are used to watch great action scenes in X-Men movies, you won't put much complaint about Logan for not showing up much in this department because story is so fulfilling.
Hugh Jackman as Logan has given his heart to the movie. The best of his for entire franchise. And, it's not the end of the world of Wolverine, you have incarnation of Laura, offspring of Logan. Get ready for upcoming fun.  
2. Commando (2017) : 1/10 One of the worst movie I've watched in recent years. It's so worse that even writing about it seems wasting my precious time. It's trauma, a nightmare for 2 long hours. The best part of the movie was the moment it ended.
asked in General by Assistant Director (51.1k points)
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Badrinath ki Dulhaniya-3.25/5 ..A decent movie but very high on Entertainment value

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answered by Mega Star (203k points)

Well it's just domestic and just a start.......... And what did I told you.....

Skull island is just a small step which will lead to Godzilla 2 & Godzilla vs Kong, now I suppose that you will say that both Godzilla 2 & Godzilla vs Kong will flop too..??

BTW worldwide, Kong won't flop, it get good ratings and it should do well in lifetime..!!


Lol just because the film isn't from Disney doesn't mean it'll flop..


Disney Rocks :p
No I am not saying its Flop but Hollywood trade isn't happy with Theaterical result from film as a big budget film. Offcourse China will be huge.


Ohh just saw Saturday figures. Good trend. 60mn weekend.

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This week...

Kung: Skull Island 3D [2017] = 7/10 [Non-stop entertainment.]

Mera Naam Joker [1970] = 10/10 [uncut 4hrs 9mins version with two intervals.]

answered by All Time best! (252k points)
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Star wars Episode lll : 3.5/5

answered by Assistant Director (45.4k points)
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Rang De Basanti-5/5
Dear Zindagi-3/5
Andaz Apna Apna-4.5/5
Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke-3.5/5
Love Love Love-3/5
First Time Watch- Dear Zindagi

answered by Producer (101k points)
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Badrinath ki dulhaniya - I have nothing much to say apart from a point that all characters inspite of belonging to the same film behave like each of them is from a different universe , such inconsistent is the screenplay 2/5.

answered by Director (121k points)

What do you mean to say, "behave like each of them is from a different universe."?


Varun and his sidekick friend were acting like they r acting in golmaal series , varun's brother and sister in law acted like the characters of serious TV drama from starplus and Alia Bhatt was like a character from the film Aisha . One scene seemed like totally slapstick and then cut to another scene where the texture is something else ..It appeared like many directors came together to make this film and they didn't know the common tone of the film .

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Badrinath ki dulhaniya- 4/5
Udta Punjab- 3/5
Dear zindagi- 2.5/5

answered by Producer (110k points)

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