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Hailed as classic today, both actors are perfect in comic timings. The movie is so replete with hilarious, cult lines and moments and it's tough to choose one of them.
1. Amir 2. Salman
asked in Old by Camera Operator (9.2k points)
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it is Aamir with double Aa
n answer is Aamir

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Both of them played their roles properly. Aamir was supposed to play smart guy and Salaman was supposed to play stupid guy. I think both of them did justice to their roles.

answered by Set Designer (2k points)
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It's innocent Salman for sure.....

answered by Assistant Director (57.6k points)
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It's Aamir With Double 'A'.
I Don't Think It Is Tough To Choose Anyone Of Them. Aamir Khan Anyday.
Fun Fact: Salman's Only Film That Featured In IMDb Top 250 Starred Aamir Khan.

answered by Casting Director (19.4k points)

But to critics its tough

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My choice is Aamir khan but Salman was good too it is one of the rare bollywood film that you can watch repeatedly

answered by Production Accountant (25.2k points)
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Crime Master GOGO.....................................................

answered by All Time best! (273k points)
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Aamir was better in terms of acting, way better and fab comic timing. But cant discount salman as well. The movie was about amar and prem. Unmatchable duo......both of them made AAA the cult that it is today.

answered by Assistant Director (58.8k points)

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