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+6 votes
My ranking:---Amitabh >Dilip Kumar >Salman >Shahrukh =Amir>Rajesh Khanna.
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14 Answers

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Dilip Saab shouldn't be compared with Big-B forget Khans but with Dev Anand, Raj kapoor & others from his time then he will stand tall in the list ..
In the same way Amitabh should be compared with Dharam, Rajesh, Vinod, Shatru & Rishi of his times then he too will stand tall in the list ..
now coming to Khans its debatable ..
Aamir fans will say Aamir bcoz of 4 ATBB's 5 ATG's in last 2 decades ..
Salman fans will say Salman bcoz of his 5 back 2 back Blocbusters & total of 8 Blocbusters including 1 ATBB in this decade ..
Shahrukh fans will say Srk bcoz he was more consistent in 1990's & 2000's with more hit & success ratio & less failure ratio ..
So all in all, All these discussions will never end & we never get the correct answer ..
so till then just ..

by Editor (89.9k points)
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+4 votes

Cant rank all these guys, if sheer hysteria never seen before, then nothing beats rajesh khanna, he had bad luck too.

Amitabh for longevity and dilip saab for acting genius. Salman and srk for being the biggest stars and their unmatched fan following. Aamir for his outstanding script sense. All of them have something special which made them legends

by Star (156k points)

Amitabh for longevity bro??He was at his peak merely for 13-14 years.


Amitabh has survived for 40 years, still acting and giving the young guns a run for their momey, can srk and salman continue to demand the same respect at 73? Remains to be seen.


Senior all actors also get respect.that does not matter in case of stardom.Can he make a movie hit on his shoulder like Rajinikant?Could he retain top of game like Mohanlal and mammotty?

+3 votes

Amitabh=salman > dilip Kumar >rk >srk=,amir

by Production Accountant (26.8k points)
+2 votes

Salman = amitabh > srk > R khanna

by Camera Operator (11.7k points)
+2 votes

Amitabh > Salman > Dilip Kumar > Rajesh Khanna > Aamir > Shahrukh

by Location Manager (5.1k points)
+1 vote

Amitabh=Salman >> Rajesh khanna >Srk> Dilip kumar> Aamir khan purely on stardom and ability to make bad movies superhits.

Dharam isnt in your question so didnt Rank him.

by Location Manager (6.5k points)
0 votes

In terms of boxoffice, maybe Dilip Kumar was ahead of SRK as he took around 15yrs to deliver a straight flop acc. to boxofficeindia, maybe he even had better Hit ratio than King Khan (i m taking 25-30yrs time period of these stars' careers)......but in terms of overall stardom, SRK leads with a huge huge margin......he is the reason why Bollywood is known so much around the World today

by Unit Manager (34k points)

awwwwwwwwww.....waisay thora zyada kr deya maine bhi......chalo...edit kr daita hn


Mera bhi edit ho gaya hai...





0 votes

Where is Sunny Paaji and Garam Dharam The Biggest Mass heroes of their time

by All Time best! (291k points)
0 votes

Srk> Dilip Kumar >Amitabh bachan > Aamir Khan >Salman Khan > Rajesh Khanna.

by Director (124k points)
0 votes

Stardom wise ->
Amitabh (Megastar)
Dharmendra (Megastar)
Dilip (Superstar)
Salman (Superstar)
Srk (Superstar)
Rajesh Khanna (Superstar)

Reason for Amitabh & Dharmendra are The Only MEGASTAR.
1) BOI in YEAR : 2005 -> Amitabh,Dharmendra, Hema are The Biggest Star Ever.
2) BOI in YEAR : 2018 -> SRK & SALMAN Doesn't Has All Round Popularity Like Amitabh & Dharmendra.

by Camera Operator (9.8k points)

He himself called Salman a megastar 3-4 days ago... Aaj pata nhi kyu rang badal liya


If Salman is Biggest Star by Distance then BOI will never say ""SRK & SALMAN has not all round Popularity like Amitabh & Dharmendra few decades back""
What's The Problem here ???
Mai Kisi ko Reply dene nahi jaa raha yaha post me sbka opinion pucha gya hai maine diya bas..
Ab Salman ko kuch Megastar bolte hai..
Kuch to RK ko abhi se SUPERSTAR maan liye
Wo unki Choice hai..


Mai yaha BOI ADMIN nahi hu bol diya wo sbko manna padega..
You can Ignore me


But humar sawalwa ka jawab nhi milalwa... Kaisan itna jaldi rangwa badal let ho bhaiya? Kal jisko megastar bolot rahi wo aaj kaisan megastar nhi howatani?

0 votes

Amitabh>Dilip>Salman>Shahrukh>Rajesh>Aamir (For India Only)

by Camera Operator (11k points)
0 votes

Dilip kumar > big b > rajesh khanna > srk = salman > aamir

by Unit Manager (30.8k points)

Big b always ahead than dilip kumar bro check the records.

–1 vote

Amitabh=Aamir (both are top when it comes to most number of biggest hits of their respective times)>Dilip Kumar >Salman >Dharmendra = Rajesh khanna >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Srk.

by Director (129k points)

The combined stardom of all of them is lesser than lord of cosmos


And lord of cosmos came in picture after 20 years.Before He was in the league of shashi kapoor,shatrughan sinha etc............


Tauji Zinda hai but funny paazi died after handpump ek tukka katha...

–3 votes

Shahrukh >dilip > amitabh >Rajesh khanna =Salman >dharmendra =aamir khan

by Editor (88.7k points)

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