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Shakespeare never won an award but he is immortal.
asked in Awards by Unit Manager (30.6k points)
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Actors are remembered when alive but writers are remembered for hundred years.

yes....for certain section of audience, it does n will matter a lot.......e.g. many acting schools will probably not make a mistake now of not mentioning most best actor award taking winner Daniel Day Lewis in their lectures.....n think if he did not win any of the oscars...jst guess the impact

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Awards are not required to be remembered. I dont think the likes of Dharmendra and Rajesh Khanna got any awards. Even if they did, they are remembered for their starpower and movies and not the awards.
However having awards is a bonus to your actor's portfolio as they make your career look better than otherwise.

answered by Second Unit Director (78.4k points)
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I totally agree with you .

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as much as you or me or charlie or anyone would ridicule srk or anyone else winning these awards (bought or not)......... they're gonna be written in that actor's resume.... not for one two years but for eternity ....... even after those actors are dead..long gone.

even though we may know the truth but media only cares about big numbers....records... awards .... and all publicity is good publicity.

whenever they will write in year for example 3022 a particular actor won 5,6 7,8 awards they will write they're as many more or less than srk.... tab tak srk kya uske bachay bhe guzar chukay hoonge.

dilip kumar retired long time back ...still his name is taken as the one who's got most filmfare awards.......and he will remain immortal in this sense.

answered by Director (137k points)
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What nonsense ???
Why are you giving this bullshit example ???
Shakespeare would have got many awards, had there exist any concept of awards in 16th and 17th century...

Salman didn't got any awards doesn't mean that awards are fake.

Few awards are fixed, few are not.
And sometime jury do mistake, mistake happens afterall juries are also humans.

Filmfare became commercial after 90''s, everyone knows that...

Coming to Tere Naam, Hrithik in Koi Mil gaya was better than Salman.

And No need to speak about Nana in krantiveer.

No doubt Filmfare has favoured Srk.

Out of 8 Srk deserved for 5-6....
3 are bonus for him...

But Awards are not needed......

Hum ne toh nahi suna janata ko awards ke bare mein bolte huye...

But you have to appreciate the work. . So dete raho bhai...

answered by Assistant Director (43.1k points)
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Do you think Salman is the only actor I like?

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0%.........................................for Remembrance

answered by All Time best! (282k points)

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