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+7 votes
Also one worst dialouge of his/her
asked in Opinion by Casting Director (17.3k points)
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8 Answers

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Best answer

I would say Siddharth Malhotra and Tiger. Among girls there are many such as Jacquline, katrina, amy jackson, shurti hassan and many.

answered by Executive Producer (68.1k points)
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Well all these actresses are not hindi speakers so
But shruti is fine

+3 votes

Kangana in Krrish 3 to be particular (first scene i guess of her with Arif Zakaria...TUMHARA ATEET type dialogue.....dialogue writing was also funny so it helped really to make it a comedy)
hated Tiger Shroff''s dialogue delivery in trailers....haven't seen his film yet
n from Superstars....Aamir Khan tops...be it Urdu or English....he rapes everything

answered by Unit Manager (31.6k points)

Yess kangana they way she speaks is funny itself
Tiger he better not speak

i don't have problem with Kangana's accent in general.....actually she adds a kinda different flavor with the way she speaks,,,,,its like Nana Patekar also had a different style of saying dialogues n it worked......Kangana's dialogue delivery esp. for comic scenes is bang on...even her dialogue in Rangoon trailer 'susu karay ga' sounded funny probably cz the way she speaks.....ADRAKK HOGYA HAI YEH AADMI, KAHEN SY BHI BARHTA JA RHA HAI.......
Krrish 3 is an exception........i laughed so much on her dialogues....rewinded again n again n saw that seen with Arif Zakaria around ten times when i saw film for the first time n then showed it to friends also....she deserved Kaila award for her performance

Whoever wrote the dialouges of krishh 3 should also get kaila awards

+2 votes

Jacqueline/Katrina and Sid/Tiger

answered by Director (138k points)
+2 votes

Tiger Shtoff easily..........

answered by Director (133k points)
+2 votes

Shahrukh Easily!... So many people troll him lol...

Ace sir has the best dialogue delivery.

answered by Second Unit Director (70.9k points)

Man, you got to be kidding. After amitabh sir, srk has the best voice quality and dialogue delivery.

+2 votes

Aamir in dhoom3 .......worst dialogue delivery....so many people trolled him

answered by Camera Operator (8.7k points)
+2 votes

the legendary BAAR BAAR DAIKHO...... bus aik baar daikho ... they will give you the answer to your question.

answered by Director (137k points)
+1 vote

Among actors imran khan(nephew of aamir), sid malhotra

answered by Cinematographer (92.4k points)

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