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What is suchi leaks what is going on can anyone tell me please

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asked Mar 4 in Trolls by SSk Casting Director (19,039 points)
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Don't know why you've tagged the post under trolls...!

Anyways, Suchitra Karthik was making controversy on Twitter from past few days alleging actor Dhanush & his men had manhandled her, leaving her bruised.

After that, yesterday she dropped the bomb of leaking all the intimate pics & videos of various celebs to expose Dhanush, music director Anirudh as womanizers.

She also alleged them of raping her. This was followed by her tweeting naked pics of actresses Anuya & Sanchita Shetty... Also video of Sanchita as well as (allegedly) Hansika Motwani. Her Twitter account also uploaded personal party pics of Trisha, Hansika etc. Later she threatened to release exclusive sex videos of Dhanush & Amala Paul, Dhanush & Trisha, Anirudh & Chinmayi on Sunday, Monday & Tuesday respectively.

After all this drama, her husband Karthik gave a video statement saying her mental health isn't right & pleaded not to make it an issue.

Even Sanchita gave out clarification saying it isn't her. But twitteratti are strongly arguing it's her.

What happens next is awaited.

Pics/videos cannot be shared here. Though you can get the gist of it in the chat room.

answered Mar 4 by suhas Mega Star (239,424 points)
selected Mar 4 by SSk

Thnxx bro
How the hell did she have so many private things of stars
Shocking anyways now the whole twitter is waiting for pics and videos
Tamil cinema is getting exposed
Categorised it in troll by mistake

Barring couple of naked pics & vids, everything else is pics taken in private parties.

Not an issue. She's going through stuff. Her own divorce, her husband says she tweeted all that but she claims her Twitter account was hacked.

All i can say is people are enjoying let them enjoy

@Suhas gaaru chat room di linku yakkada undi..

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Well if you have Ucbrowser than it is there in the top trending list ....

answered Mar 4 by Irdwhelp Second Unit Director (78,140 points)

It is but i dont understand the whole matter why is she leaking private pics
And did dhanush really misbehaved with her

Even i have no clue mate ...

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