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asked in Opinion by Production Accountant (28.6k points)
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It should rather be katrina and sonam.

12 Answers

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Best answer

Wow. Script must be very solid to get two top heroines to sign on together.

answered by Production Accountant (26.4k points)
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Any idea about dialogue writer? I wish it's himanshu sharma..

No idea as of yet. This movie is really taking its time in coming together, and I'm happy for that. Probably dialogue writer is Himanshu Sharma as he has collaborated with ALR on all his movies.

Huge credit goes to himanshu for success or twmr.. Yes I hope he is again working with ALR for dwarf.

+4 votes

Katrina will ruin the film with her non-acting. It should have been SRK-Deepika-Anushka.

answered by Assistant Director (41.5k points)
+2 votes

Katrina is so lucky... Despite so many Flops She has two biggest Movie with Khans in 2017 and 2018..Dwarf now looks as big as Thugs Atleast on Paper...Unless Salman has a big movie in 2018 on Paper his movie won't be the biggest of 2018 or even 2nd Biggest...Thugs and Dwarf look too huge for Dabanng 3 to match the craze as Dabanng type movies won't create that much hype today as other two parts created....2018 looks to be a year of massy Commercial Entertainer from All 3 Khans

answered by Cinematographer (99k points)
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Star cast Tbh gets bigger than toh if this is true..

SRK - Kat - Deepika - Zeeshan! Plus the theme of celebrating life of imperfect people... Solo release may challenge toh!

+2 votes

Good director , top actresses, Christmas release period let's see with all the benefits whether our teesra khan Srk able to give hgoty in 2018 as hgoat is out of reach for that small actor....

answered by Director (123k points)
+2 votes

now first 400 cr movie in Bollywood will be this.....

Athg and Atbb.....

answered by Unit Manager (38.1k points)

300 nahi
Direct 400 cr

+2 votes

But then wat about deepika & katrina in padmawati and TZH.....how will dey manage

answered by Camera Operator (8.7k points)
+2 votes

DNA is not reliable source. Its all like hawa main teer marna.

answered by Executive Producer (68.1k points)

They were first to announce SRKs cameo in adhm and then in tubelight.. even they were first to announce tzh!

Thats just 1 side of it. They posted 1000 baseless rumors. And katrina and deepika will cost a fortune for the movie. Its not worth.

+2 votes

Great pair of Srk deepika is back........ wow it's gonna be wonderful ride...

All hail the king !!!

answered by Assistant Director (43k points)
+1 vote

Now dwarf will b 450cr grosser and srk is back just like ra one with highest budget movie 1 year flat promofion worlds biggest superstar akon as a singer blah blah yet failed badly srk in HNY best movie ever having half the industry with him in hny still failed to beat even kick now they are dreaming sorry day dreaming dwarf will b atg atbb hgoty blah blah but at the end result will b the same Salman vs amir for hgoty in 2018 inshallah so case closed

answered by Casting Director (17.3k points)
+1 vote

It should be Deepika and Priyanka again.

answered by Director (138k points)
+1 vote

answered by Super-star (193k points)
+1 vote

Hope makers will announce it soon.... hopefully Woman in place of Katrina.

answered by Executive Producer (64k points)

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