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Tamil cinemas' unbelievable box-office figures put out with much hype and hoopla on social media by producers and stars are fake — according to Tirupur Subramaniam, Kollywood's leading distributor and exhibitor.
A ******** audio clip shared by Subramaniam has gone viral, making Tamil superstars go beet red.

Subramaniam, a distributor and exhibitor who controls nearly 170 of the 1,000-odd screens in the state, rules over Coimbatore area, the second biggest territory in the Tamil film trade. He used to finance and produce films earlier, but doesn't any longer.
In his hard-hitting audio clip, Subramaniam says in the last seven months, all star-driven films — with some of them claiming Rs 100 crore collections and holding success parties — were not profitable for their distributors or theaters which paid MG (Minimum Guarantee) amounts.
The "hits" that were "flops" listed out by Subramaniam which released in the last seven months features films of all top Tamil superstars. They are — Rajinikanth (Kabali), Vijay (Bairavaa), Suriya (Si3), Sivakarthikeyan (Remo), Dhanush (ThodariandKodi), Karthi (Kaashmora) & Jayam Ravi (Bogan).
Subramaniam alleged: "I think Kollywood is the only industry which celebrates flops and holds success parties. Some of these films claim that they collected Rs 100 crore and stars distribute presents to crew members (Suriya gave a Toyota Fortuner toSi3director Hari to celebrate its success). These stars are living in their own make-believe world where they can only give hits, and producers — to curry favour with them — put out ads saying their film is a 'huge hit, biggest in Tamil cinema' with inflated fake figures. Then they put out ads in papers claiming the film had a 50 or 100-day run!"
The peeved distributor and theater owner also said, "When a film bombs, it puts tremendous pressure on the distributor and exhibitor who has borrowed money from financiers to buy a particular film. The stars are riding on these fake box-office collections to safeguard their stardom and opening."
Subramaniam hinted that the distributors and exhibitors are planning to come together to stop this trend which is destroying the industry. They will be issuing "red cards" for stars whose films are not viable at the cost at which they have been purchased. He added that while he is nobody to dictate stars' salaries, they should at least be viable for the buyers.
Subramaniam contends that in the past, MGR and Rajinikanth (in the '80s and '90s), knew the potential and collections of their films. If one of their films failed, they were magnanimous enough to give the same producer priority dates (for a later project) and cut their salaries.
Subramaniam toldFirstpost, "In the good old days, MGR was very particular that everybody concerned with a film — from its producer, to the distributor, exhibitor, to the man who runs the canteen and parking lot — made money out of a hit film. Today the system is skewered in a way that only the star makes money and increases his salary irrespective of whether the film is a hit or flop."
The trade is at last hitting back as mounting losses have made Kollywood a sunset industry, with stars involved in bitter one-upmanship battles to prove that they are the kings of the box office
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already we know Kabali..Producer Fig..DAY1 300cr+ something.

if u go into past ...they are n number.

recently..Bairavva producer fig...and social media fake figs 100cr in 4days..(it did 100cr in 2nd week)

most of them r hyped for publicity...

but throwing success party for the flop movie is peak of this trend........

by Assistant Director (56.9k points)
selected by

if you go behind genuine figures for each movie, then there is nothing like that for any industry even tamil,bollywood,telugu or malayalam..there are no source for crystal clear figures..


Well i have seen some DCR sheets in telugu distribution areas..and multiplex cal reports in KA.
But only God knows bollywood figs:-)
didn't even find territory wise theatrical rights of single movie.

0 votes

it is happening in bollywood also....!...........!..!.........

by Production Accountant (24.2k points)
0 votes

You dont get the whole story bro..
This Tirupur Subramaniam is the one at REMO success bash who said Sivakartikeyan is next to Rjinikanth and Vijay at Kollywood boxoffice and REMO has reaped harvest at boxoffice with huge profits..

all his words are due to internal politics between him and the other producer/distributor section.

later Kabali/Their producer Thanu replied saying subramaniyam is doing this double standard and chaos only to benefit him and the so called one section/team of distributors association.He also went on to claim that subramaniam had quoted kabali rights of his area for 5 crore while it wasn't given to him since he got another offer for 10 crores which angered him.

moreover all know that there hasn't been a clean success so far in kollywood this year though S3 is inching towards 100 cr gross and Bhairava already did around 120 cr gross.But its all obvious still that these biggies are still failures considering its rights.

All these statements just backfired on himself for showing his double standards.

by Executive Producer (64.8k points)

I am don't aware of there Politics.
But one thing is clear, we need a Single Unbiased Box office Tracking system like ComScore/Rentrak for all Indian film Industries.
Kabaali [Rajini], Shivaay [Ajay], Kaabil [Hrithik], Raees [Srk] All r Exaggerated their Box Office Collection but Exposed by BOI & Other trade Analyst.


its not solely politics..........

that tirpur subramanium is said truth....

but he did explained it clearly....Tamil cinema Market is increasing but not Tamil nadu state market..

if u observe non TN distributors atleaSt closing BE....but Tn distributors are suffering losses are very minimal profits..

he is just exhibiting his anguish.

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