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asked in Announcements by Camera Operator (9.7k points)
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Well i don't watch a movie keeping looks of certain actors in mind. It will always be i.e Story, Performance and Entertainment. Anyway, Salman is looking dashing. Period

9 Answers

+3 votes
Best answer

oh mahn.....its superb......

he is looking fantastic......

answered by Unit Manager (38.6k points)
selected by
+3 votes

Oh! Something special is coming for sure. Hoping to surpass the scope of ett in characterisation and action with more thrilling elements. Fingers crossed.

answered by Unit Manager (31.1k points)
+3 votes

Looks Fab.....IMO TZH Collection More then Tubelight......

answered by Assistant Director (53.3k points)
+3 votes

lost 17kg in two weeks without creating any shor sharaba

answered by Director (138k points)

Aamir hota toh ab tak 15 article chhapva chuka hota

+2 votes

Wooooooow oh maaaannn what a mind boggling look dhansu ,Jhakasss look eagerly awaiting for Tiger Tiger Tiger

answered by Location Scout (3.8k points)
+2 votes

Wao.... Dhamakedar..... looks.

answered by Executive Producer (64k points)
+2 votes

superb this wht i wanted... hope production value be huge...

answered by Production Accountant (26.3k points)
+2 votes

The best thing is he has lost weight and is not looking fat any more. Well done bhai.

answered by Second Unit Director (78.6k points)
+1 vote

same look as kick. wanted him to have longer hair for TZH

answered by Unit Manager (32.3k points)

it isnt same look of kick...kick had only french beard ... agree on u agar long hair hota toh mazaa ata.

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